Comprehensive Guide On HTML To WordPress Conversion

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html to wordpress conversion

HTML to WordPress has become a popular way to produce marvelous website themes these days. If you want to convert your static HTML template to a fully hand-coded and 100% browser compatible WordPress theme, you can choose conversion services by CSSChopper. Having a team of professional front-end coders, we are the perfect fit for converting your static HTML into a dynamic WordPress theme. We adhere to stringent web standards to deliver the best quality services to our clients. Irrelevant to the intricacies of template requirements, our WordPress developers are competent enough to render quality HTML to WordPress Conversion.

WordPress is regarded as a prominent Content Management System that allows for creating highly secure and organized websites. Having full expertise in WordPress, our expert coders make the best use of this web technology to provide our clients with highly competitive and cutting-edge solutions. Our professionals convert your static HTML to WordPress with advanced functionalities that give you more control over your website’s content.

The time when people took hours in modifying their website content has long passed. Now modifying content on a website is easy due to WordPress. Not only the time and effort for adding/modifying the website content has reduced to none but also no special coding skills are required. We offer HTML to WordPress theme conversions and WordPress customization services to help harness the full potential of this CMS for the benefit of your business. No matter if you need a blog or looking for a well-designed corporate portal, we are always at your service. 

Top Reasons for HTML To WordPress Conversion

There are several benefits of choosing the conversion of static HTML to a dynamic WordPress theme. We have mentioned these benefits below.

Easy to Use

WordPress is a website development platform for those who do not know to code. It is considered as one of the best user-friendly content management systems. The platform gives you plenty of functionalities and resources to develop outstanding websites without dealing with long lines of codes. Further, the platform offers lots of website themes and plugins that users can utilize to build excellent websites. 


WordPress is designed in a way to ensure compatibility with search engines that makes it an SEO-friendly CMS. As SEO is important for every website, choosing WordPress can be a win-win situation in this regard. Besides having an SEO-friendly structure and design, WordPress also offers plugins and themes that let you build well-optimized and SEO-friendly websites. WordPress allows you to create top-of-the-line websites that would rank higher in the SERPs.

A Massive Developer Community

We will hardly find huge community support with any other CMS in the market which WordPress has around the world. It is a very popular content management system that is widely supported by a strong and active community. The community not only provides solutions to users’ problems but also keeps releasing necessary platform updates. 

Highly Customizable

WordPress lets you build a website of your dream through customization as it offers plenty of customization options. You can customize your website and build advanced and complex websites with this website development platform. Hence this platform allows you to create websites that meet your specific business requirements. 

Different Approaches to HTML To WordPress Conversion

When it comes to converting HTML to WordPress, there are many approaches to accomplish this task. If you have a good budget then you can hire a WordPress developer or choose a WordPress development company to accomplish this task. On the other hand, you can also choose to do it yourself if you know WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also purchase a pre-built WordPress theme if need be.

  • Create a theme manually: In this approach, you can utilize your technical knowledge to build your own custom WordPress theme by transforming the static HTML into WP. The process is fairly easy if you have experience in HTML, CSS, and PHP. 
  • Choosing a development partner: This a reliable and easy method to transform your static HTML into a WP theme. In this method, you don’t need to do anything at all and just hire a developer or company to handle your project requirements. This is a feasible option as you can simply assign the project to an experienced service provider and focus on your business activities. 

Steps of HTML To WordPress Conversion

If you choose the path to manual conversion of HTML to WordPress then you can do so with a simple step-by-step process. The following is the complete conversion process to guide you in the conversion process. 

Create a Theme Folder

First of all, you need to create a folder for your website theme that will contain various files and resources related to your theme. You can name this folder anything as you please but it should be easy to understand and related to the content. After this open a text editor and create files: index.php, style.css, header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php, etc and add them to the folder.

Alter stylesheet to meet WordPress’s requirements

First, you need to add the below code to your style.css file.


Theme Name: Name

Author: Your name

Author URI:

Description: A short description of the theme

Version 1.0 

License: GNU General Public License 

License URL:


It’s a stylesheet header that you need to add at the top of your stylesheet file and edit this header to add theme name, author, etc. 

Split Old HTML Code

WordPress works with PHP that pulls data from the database. You need to split your HTML into pieces and add the code to respective PHP files. For instance, add the header section of your HTML in the header.php file and so on. 

Change Stylesheet to WordPress Format

In your HTML file, you link external sheets by adding <link> tag to your code. You need to modify the code according to the WordPress format. You will need to add relevant PHP functions for this.

Upload your Theme

When you follow the above steps, your theme will be ready. You can now upload the theme to your WordPress website. Once uploaded you can activate it for your site. 

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Tips for Efficient HTML to WordPress Conversion

You need to look out for the following before you move to WordPress.

  • Ensure that the hosting company you choose meets your website’s requirements. There can be different requirements for HTML and a WordPress website. 
  • Choose and prepare the right code editor to bring efficiency to your coding. Atom and Notepad++ are one of the best text editors available in the market.  
  • Be patient as coding is not a one-day job you need constant editing and improvements to get the desired results for your website.

Wrap Up!

There is no doubt that WordPress is a major content management system today that powers a lot of websites on the internet. Given the popularity of this website development platform in the CMS market, a lot of businesses choose it to develop their websites. HTML to WordPress conversion has come out to be a great method for creating enticing themes for websites. You can get the best-quality output when you choose the right HTML to WordPress service provider. CSSChopper is a trusted and prominent technology partner that you can rely on to get world-class HTML to WordPress conversion service. 


01 October 2020
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