A person privileged to access backend and front end of a particular site or application.


App or application is the other name for application software.


Android is a mobile operating system based on LINUX platform, developed by Android Inc. later purchased by Google. Android is supported on various mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy, LG P500, HTC explorer and many more.



Blog is an online journal or short articles. Content can be in any area of interest such as traveling, personal, computing, politics, health or any other area of interests.


Browser is software application that finds & display internet pages. Some of the web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more.


Blogging is referred as the act of writing blogs.



Content may be referred to anything that is shared in post or web page such as text, pictures etc.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website management tool that allows technical & non technical users to manage & update their websites easily. The person with authorized administration access (website owner or author) gets the complete control over the CMS to edit the web content such as adding or editing pages etc. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal are some of the well known CMSes.



Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) can be document or language, which allows programmers to separate presentational style (image, color, fonts, layout etc) from XML & HTML documents.


Dashboard is the administration screen which summarized the information about that particular website.



Ecommerce is purchasing and selling of goods online through internet (websites). Goods sold via ecommerce can be tangible like electronics etc. and require shipping.

Email Client

An email client is a computer program helpful to send and receive mails. Some of the popular email clients are MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail etc.



Frequently Asked Questions are the list of questions and their respective answers.


Forum is an online discussion site or message board, where people can share a conversation by posting messages. Some of the web forum applications are Vbulletin, PHPbb, BBpress etc.


Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a payment gateway service by Google.


Meta Data

Meta data is a set of data about data. More specifically, Meta data stores the information about the web page in the header, which is not viewable on the web page (besides the source code). Meta data is stored within Meta tags.

Meta Tag

Meta tag is basically an HTML tag that stores Meta data within the header for your web page.


XTHML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) belongs to the family of XML and extend version of HTML (often used for created web pages).


HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, which is prime language for creating web pages.



iOS is Apple iPhone's operating system. Originally it was built for Apple iPhones, now it has been supporting several other Apple devices including Apple iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.



JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is a graphic extension for keeping compressed images.



Keyword refers to a term used by search engine to refine relevant web information.



LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, which relates to the specification of a web server that defines database, operating system, scripting language. One major benefit of LAMP set ups is that all the applications used in are open source and free.



Markup is a coding process written in a text document to convert it into an XML, HTML or other markup language document.

Meta Data

Meta data is a set of data about data. More specifically, Meta data stores the information about the web page in the header, which is not viewable on the web page (besides the source code). Meta data is stored within Meta tags.

Meta Tag

Meta tag is basically an HTML tag that stores Meta data within the header for your web page.


Mobile Theme

A set of properties (such as background color, image, text size etc.) grouped together to define several default display setting. Like Android theme, Apple iPhone's theme, etc.


Module relates to software that enhances and extends the capabilities of any application.


MySQL is an open source application and world's most often used RDBMS.


Navigation refers to system or application that provides users to a website to move & scroll around the webpage.


Open source Application

Open source Application is computer software that is obtainable in source code form and normally free from copyrights reservations. Open source applications are free software license that allows visitors or users to read, download, change and improve the application.


A web browser for managing internet tasks like displaying websites, sending and receiving emails, downloading content etc.


Payment Gateway

An ecommerce authorized payment service provider for charging payment in a secured way by encrypting sensitive information.


Popular known as permanent link. Permalink is generally marked only on blogs for assigning the permanent web address for that particular blog post.


Platform is often known as an operating system that runs on a computer application such as UNIX, LINUX, and Windows XP etc.



Plug-in can be a third party software or web code installed to embellish & increase the website functionality. Plug-in is most often used to complement a CMS or blogging application. Plug-in is generally the best way to extend the capabilities of a website.



Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is a standard XML format that provides user and visitors to subscribe a blog (or anything else) to get the latest update via feed reader. RSS is helpful to syndicate the web content from one site to another to keep the information up to date.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is process for refining web content in order to achieve a higher position in search engine results. The SEO programmers uses relevant keywords, tools and other potential approach for better website ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

Shopping Cart Application

Shopping cart application is ecommerce software that helps people to purchase online. The users can add, delete, view and buy products via online ordering.


Junk email or unsolicited Email.



A popular Apple browser for managing internet tasks like displaying websites, sending and receiving emails, downloading content etc.


SSL is an acronym for Secured Sockets layer, are cryptographic protocols for safe and secure communication across the network such as internet.


Template refers to a tool or file to implement a standard layout across the website. Templates are generally utilized in conjunction with CMS and when you switch a template, the pages or region associated with that template are changed automatically.


Typography is the process to obtain specific style or design using typesetting such as size, color, weight, alignment, leading etc.



Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is web address denoted for a file, which requires a web browser to communicate with another computer.



Validation refers to the quality assurance done for web code (such as HTML) for checking its specifications. Validation is maintained under W3C organization. Validation helps into smooth updating and website maintenance search engine friendly web pages, reduced server load, browser compatibility, accessibility, faster loading and increased traffic.



World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international web body that develops standards & guidelines for World Wide Web (WWW or W3).

Web host

Web host is a rental space given on web server by web hosting companies.

Web page

Web page refers to a file or document which is generally coded in XHTML/ HTML, so that it is viewable & compatible in web browser. Web pages are also coded in other programming languages like PHP,, Java, Ruby on Rails etc.


Web server

A web server refers to a system that has got software and networking capabilities to serve web pages on internet and intranet. More specifically, Web server is a program that deals into client and server model along with HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to retrieve the files from web pages to deliver it to the web users for their request.


What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is a web application or user interface that allows users to view/ manipulate how end results will look alike, when the application or document is created!


Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a popular markup language that describes how to write new languages without going through various conversation layers. In short, it is helpful in wiring custom markup languages and sometimes works as basic syntax that allows various applications and computers to share the data.

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