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Project 01
Instockmarket Portfolio pattern

Food wastage happens in a significant amount unnecessarily, and reasons may include different sizes, cancelled order, mislabeled packaging, or surplus. InstockMarket is involved in putting a stop to all this as we put food waste on the map that aid in stopping the wastage. We valorise residual flows from growers, farmers, and producers that are supplied to catering services. Working specifically with the hospitality industry, we can streamline the process of providing essential supplies. Through InstockMarket, there is also a share of charities like the food bank.


Project 02
DICKS Portfolio pattern

Dick's Dumpstore is located in Leeuwarden for 25 years and has been offering various security and household products. There is everything from hiking shoes to work pants. You can shop for camouflage equipment or other items. To find out the range that we are offering, check the webshop or come to the store.


Project 03
Instock Portfolio pattern

Since 2014, Instock has been helping food wastage by putting it on the map. An initiative of Selma, Bart and Freke, we are successful in saving a lot of food by avoiding wastage. There is a product line of beers, granola, and cookbooks, along with restaurants. Now moved to a larger Food Rescue Center located near the Amsterdam Sloterdijk. It was launched in 2019 as an online wholesaler and is able to get many partnerships.


Project 04
Nubouwen Portfolio pattern

NUBOUWEN.NL sells cheap masonry blocks, concrete blocks, insulation materials, aerated concrete blocks, sand-lime bricks, structural steel mats, and other building materials. With the production of good quality bricks, blocks, and other building materials that are at lower prices than competitors, customers get excellent deals for various building items.