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Project 01

We arrange advanced seminars for drivers to provide information regarding rules and safety precautions for driving. There is important information about the course and the structure. The seminar is helpful for drivers who have violated rules and novice drivers. The seminar provides guidance for licensed drivers to follow the rules and guidelines.


Project 02

A place where people can get beautiful and artistic paintings. There is a huge collection of paintings with various genres that appeal to a variety of people. People can book their paintings that are created with complete passion and manual work. By getting their paintings created, people can capture their moments forever. They get creative paintings created with vibrant colors.

BEE IT Solutions

Project 03

Providing a range of IT services to various businesses, from small to enterprises. We have catered to various customers and have been delivering end-to-end IT services for several years. Our IT services are readily available for all businesses, freelancers, and tradespeople in the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Pinneberg district. Best IT services at affordable rates are available.


Project 04

We are an organization established to offer love and care to horses. People can choose our hay nets for the natural well-being of their horses with our quality hay that they will be getting after the protection of the net. Huenetz ensures complete security to horse hay by providing the right nets. Providing weather-resistant and quality hay nets that keep the hay of the best quality.


Project 05

Get the best event of your time by choosing Die Bucht for your event planning. Key services we provide include Cafe/Bar, Events, and Weddings. Get the right place to organize and enjoy your events or weddings. We are located in Hamburg, and you can easily find us to get your party or any other event organized as per your requirements.


Project 06

We love nature and caring it is our passion. Our professionals are available for garden maintenance, tree care, new construction objects, and more. The professionals can take care of your flora and ensure they are growing and flourishing to make your premises more beautiful. The garden maintenance services help to maintain the greenery while removing unnecessary vegetation.

Beauty Concept

Project 07

Providing makeup and beauty care solutions as we take care of your beauty requirements. Get our services for permanent makeup, facials, wow lashes, pedicure, manicures, and beauty and makeup solutions. Beauty is not a word; it’s a feeling that every woman can get with the right makeup solutions.


Project 08

Get the right barefoot service for your horses and calves. Professionals are available for barefoot care and osteopathy training. People can opt-in for training and workshops to ensure good health and care of their horses barefoot.


Project 09

Wedding events are precious in everyone’s life. Pia and Darjusch wedding services and professionals make this event more memorable. From wedding events to planning for the final day, people get professional services for their weddings. It is easy to get the right wedding planner for your special day.


Project 10

Fat can be risky because of various diseases occurring due to this condition. Praxisklink can help remove fat from someone’s body with liposuction. It is an effective way to remove unwanted fat and keep your body lean and healthy. There is a simple way to book liposuction with us, and the associated costs can be viewed after choosing the body type.