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Project 01

An eCommerce website that sells different types of products related to Kitchens, Home and Garden, Sports and Holiday, Toys and Costumes, and more. These products are available at reasonable prices that allow consumers to get quality products on lesser prices than usually available in the markets.


Project 02

Play popular and fun games and win a lot of exciting prizes. There you can find various games carrying lucrative prizes. The games are interesting and keep the players engaged. With these games, users can enjoy as well as get awards that give them more joy than they play any other game. Users can win watches, perfumes, trimmers, or other kinds of products when win the games.


Project 03

Users can play various games and can win prizes like Electronics, Toys, Sports, Shoes, Gaming, and other items. The games are engaging, and users can play them at their convenience. This is the right place to play games and win prizes that are both attractive and useful.


Project 04

A skill game portal that offers numerous games for users to play with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Users can play the game and win the right to buy the product from the game. Users can play the games as many times as they want till th subscription is active. This offers a convenient way to play various games for exciting wins.

Iphone landing

Project 05

It showcases the iPhones and their features. iPhones are elegant mobile phones, and they dominate the market for various reasons. There are several features of iPhones that make these devices stand out from their competitors. The various specifications of the iPhone camera and other features are described.

Cleaning services landing

Project 06

The web portal allows people to play games and win different types of products. There are games for various products listed on the site. Users can play the games as many times as they want only requirement is that their subscription is active. They can win games as well as the product for which the game is being played.