30 April 2015

What’s New In WordPress’s Recent Update 4.2 “POWELL”?

The newest version of WordPress, 4.2 "POWELL" has been out in honor of American jazz Pianist, Bud Powell. The recent release 4.2 brings some security fixes that compel the users to update their website of same domain or get the ideal WordPress… Read more

13 April 2015

Google’s New Update To Make Website Mobile-friendly

An update of Google has been announced for all those business owners, who are getting benefits from non-mobile friendlier websites. Starting from April 21st, it will become indispensable for the website owners to make their sites friendlier with mobiles to… Read more

6 April 2015

EmailChopper Listed As An Expert Email Template Designer By MailChimp

EmailChopper has been listed as an expert HTML Email template design and conversion provider company by MailChimp. EmailChopper, a sister company of CSSChopper, has been listed as renowned provider of HTML Email template design and conversion service by MailChimp Experts.… Read more

3 April 2015

Easter Deal Out @ CSSChopper With 10% Discount

Whether you are CSSChopper’s existing or new customer, we have brought an unbeatable deal of Easter special 10% discounts, which runs by 6 April’15. Catch this magnificent opportunity, which is available on all projects. On this holiday, you can get… Read more

31 March 2015

Best PSD To HTML Conversion Tutorials For Easy Learning

PSD to HTML conversion is one of the best and effective way to create a browser compatible website, which can be optimized as per the client’s business requirements. This approach of creating the design using Photoshop and further converting it… Read more

26 March 2015

Sparx IT Solutions Organized Navratri Special Event: Mata Ki Chowki

Mata ki Chowki, a devotional event was organized in Sparx IT Solutions on the occasion of Navratri. Maa Durga, the Goddess of Hindus and is considered as the embodiment of divine power, strength, vigor & energy and worshiped in India.… Read more

25 March 2015

CSSChopper Announces 10% OFF On All Projects For New Customers

Enjoy breathtaking discounts on all projects of CSSChopper as it has come again with astounding 10% off. This special surprise of discount is only for new customers till 31 March’2015. So, make hurry to grab this ultimate deal, which is… Read more

13 March 2015

CSSChopper Contributes Its Dexterity With Pro Bono Tools & Plugins

To contribute our years’ of experience and in-depth skills, we at CSSChopper have taken a voluntary step with Pro Bono work. If you heard that this fruitful approach is for public good, then you are absolutely right as we have… Read more

25 February 2015

Joomla! 3.4 Is Released With New Updates

In 3.x series of Joomla, a new name called 3.4 has also been added on 24 February 2015 with its official release! We at CSSChopper are pleased with this major 3.4 Joomla CMS release, say thanks to more than 130… Read more

23 February 2015

Prestashop Launched With Refined Rounding & Tax Management

PrestaShop version has been introduced with manifold advancements & improved features. And, we at CSSChopper are quite excited to make the people aware about this news & our PSD to Prestashop 1.6 conversion service. This is a fruitful step… Read more