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CSSChopper’s team comprises key players of brilliant mind, who are working dedicatedly to bring the top-quality solution for the clients all around the world. We have employee-centric environment that helps them to be updated with all the latest technologies and skills, so that our company can cater all the possible requirements with world-class features to the the clients cost-effectively.


Managers (+-)
Business Development (+-)
Project Co-ordination (+-)
Team Leader (+-)
  • Steve Sr. Business Development Executive

    He has a great acumen, which is his real strength to locate the most potential business deals by contacting the powerful business partners. He not only discovers the business opportunities, but also strives to maintain them in a longer run.

  • Aston Sr. Business Development Executive

    He is holding a job, where success and risk go hand in hand. He perfectly knows how to assess the changing needs of projects, analyze the expected impacts, document the requirements and manages everything sticking to the clients’ recommendations.

  • ALIC Business Development Executive

    Though she is new in the business development world, but with an urge to keep learning newer things, she has earned a good repute among the clients all over the world.

  • Bert Business Development Executive

    His exceptional ability to promote the company’s services/products enables him to draw attention of the potential clients. In addition, he always lives up to the mark in terms of responding to the customers’ exact needs.

  • Maria Business Development Executive

    Under the guidance of her seniors, she works with the existing services or products in order to look for the new markets & channels, where she can find the potential customers. She learns quickly and implements correctly.

  • Richard Business Development Executive

    Being a business developer, he follows all of his roles perfectly, whether it is about representing the organization or interacting with the clients. He contacts the clients, convinces them and generates business for the organization.

  • Shawn Business Development Executive

    Bestowed with team spirit, he works with the team for the sake of achieving short as well as long term profit and revenue growth. He always tries to remain updated with the newest marketing strategies.

  • Sachin Malik Operations Manager

    He does complete justice to his roles & responsibilities by performing the best in terms of operational processes, systems as well as policies that offer total support to accomplish the organizations aim & mission.

  • Vivek Kushwaha Project Manager (Online Marketing)

    Utilizing his successful experience, he keeps his team acquainted with the recent discoveries of online marketing. A perfect amalgamation of his proven strategies, strong analytic skills, updated technology practices and logical conclusions is his real strength to overcome all the web-marketing challenges that too with winning victory rate.

  • Pranav Kumar Project Manager (No-refresh)

    Pranav, having a treasure of talent & eternal creativity, proves to be the best project manager in both managerial and technical domains. His style of work truly reflects his enormous experience in the industry.

  • Idan Desoza Project Manager (Mobile Application & PHP)

    The roles of a project manager appear to be the most challenging as he has to adapt himself according to the diverse needs of the project and the team. Idan Desoza has always been successful to strike a balance & overcome all the challenges that came in this way.

  • Alok Kumar Asst. Technical Manager (E-commerce – Magento, Shopify & more)

    The technology-indulged geek is an appropriate word to define him. His urge to experiment with the creativity and competent skills, enables him to explore new technologies in the e-commerce arena. The secret of his success lies in his well-disciplined nature and initiative-supremacy.

  • Priya Jain Assistant Project Manager

    Her contribution & successful approach become quite apparent as she has been managing as well as running the projects daily basis without any hassle. Being a dynamic communicator, she is able to maintain long-lasting relationship with the clients all across the world.

  • Ray Hill Assistant Project Manager (CSSChopper)

    Though his prime role is to aid & support the project manager, but he is simply not confined to it. He actively participates in planning, management and delivery of the projects. He always makes sure that everything goes right from beginning to the end in a project.

  • Anupama Project Coordinator

    She can be appropriately called a perfectionist in her profession. She undertakes and manages all her responsibilities superbly, including understanding the project requirements, allocating & managing resources according to the priorities and necessities and ensures quality check of the projects by QA team.

  • Alick Cooper Project Coordinator

    The most important requisite for a project coordinator is good communication skills. With this best talent, he is able to establish coordination between development and marketing teams, assists in project execution, time management and whatever is need of the project.

  • Stephen Project Coordinator

    The mantra of his success lies in the patience that he maintains while handling & executing the task of project coordination. His cool head always allows him to maintain smooth going of each project.

  • Xian Project Coordinator

    Filled with enthusiasm and zeal, he is capable of handling projects of different sizes & complexities. He fulfills his responsibilities of organizing, directing and even controlling the project activities without leaving any loophole.

  • Ajai Varma Team Leader (PHP)

    Being a team lead, he manages time, resources, quality, project risks and work perfectly. But, without confining himself to this much, he keeps exploring new horizons of PHP, which not only helps him in his self growth, but also in his team & company’s growth.

  • Santosh Kumar Team Leader (HTML)

    His mantra for success lies in simple living and high thinking. He keeps updating himself as well as his team with the latest versions of HTML. He always succeeds to get the best performance from his team by implementing his art of self-discipline and proven methodologies.

  • Rahul Team Leader (HTML5/Flex)

    This is the person, who is talented enough to manage various things at the same time. He coordinates with the marketing team to understand different project queries, ensures error-free execution of unique projects and solves the technical queries that come from his team members.

  • Devashish Team Leader (Online Marketing)

    Staying abreast of the SEO, internet marketing and social media trends, he is able to make the entire team follow, manage as well as execution of perfect SEO strategy. To handle this much, he communicates to team, client and management for the timely & result-oriented project management.


  • Project
    • High-quality Client Interaction
    • Project Initiation & Planning
    • Understand & Collect Requirements
    • Manage Project Risks
    • Develop Progress Report Documentation
    • Coordinate With Team Principals
    • Project Schedule Development
    • Deployment & Testing
  • Graphics
    & Front-End Development
    • User experience design
    • Interface design
    • Mobile & touch design
    • Brand design
    • Motion design
    • Game design
    • Digital video
    • Content Design
    • UI Website Development
    • Responsive Web Design
    • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
    • Pixel Precise Development
    • WCAG & W3C Validated Development
    • Newsletter
    • Cross Browser Tested
    • CMS Theming
  • Open
    Source Development
    • E-commerce Development
    • Facebook App Development
    • API & Web Services
    • CodeIgniter Web Development
    • Laravel Website Development
    • CakePHP Web Development
    • Zend Framework Development
    • Payment Gateway integration
  • Ecommerce
    • Module Development
    • Theme Development
    • Website Customization
    • Bug Fixes
    • CRM & ERP Integration
    • Online Store Development & Upgrading
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • E-commerce Platform Migration
  • Mobile
    Apps Development
    • Android App Development
    • iPhone App Development
    • BlackBerry App Development
    • HTML5 App Development
    • Android Game Development
    • iPhone Game Development
    • BlackBerry Game Development
    • HTML5 Game Development
  • Flex
    • Media Server (FMS/Wowza)
    • Desktop Application Development
    • Cairngorm Application Development
    • Skinning Component In Flex3/Flex4
    • Bitmap Work
    • Papervision 3D Work
    • Web App Customization
    • Graphics Work
  • Project
    • Set Responsibilities, Outcomes & Time Frame
    • Develop Project Schedule
    • Day-to-day Client Interaction
    • team coordination & Leadership
    • Set & Manage Client’s Expectations
    • Project Progress & Satisfaction Track Record
    • Maintain Long-lasting Relationships
    • Create Knowledge Base For Clients’ Objectives
  • Online
    • Actively Identify Business Growth Areas
    • Keep An Eye On Competitors Work
    • Strategically Plan, Manage & Execute SEO, PPC, SMO
    • Boost Online Performance
    • Manage Online Branding
    • Implement Digital Campaign Collateral
    • Responsible Maximum Search Results
    • Improve Sales Opportunities
  • Business
    • Business Development Planning
    • Client Retention
    • Research New Opportunities
    • Forecast Sales Targets
    • Plan Sales Augmenting Strategies
    • Monitor Competitors’ Activity
    • Analyze Current Market Dynamics
    • Manage Pre-Allocated Budget

joyful moments

Events & Celebrations

CSSChopper offers a lot of fun by organizing events & celebrations frequently. Whether it is New Year, Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Independence Day, or it is any other special occasion, employees get every chance to celebrate it collectively and with immense zeal. Besides this, awards distribution & birthday celebration are organized every month to boost the morale of the employees. We make all possible efforts to maintain a lively as well as inspirational atmosphere for the employees.


PHP Developer

PHP Wordpress Developer (+-)

Familiar with Genesis, Thesis, API understanding & GIT. ,Should be proficient in HTML/CSS and Responsive. ,Expert knowledge of Payment Gateways integration: PayPal,
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 2
Experience : 2-4 Years Apply for a Position

PHP Developer (+-)

Strong knowledge of Core PHP & JS/Jquery/ajax with basic knowledge of HTML.(div based),Good knowledge of JS/Jquery/ajax.,Strong logical & analytically skill.
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 1
Experience : 1-3 Years Apply for a Position

PHP Trainee (+-)

Should have good Knowledge on PHP,Should have Knowledge on MYSQL, HTML/CSS.,Good Knowledge of Javascript/Ajax & Jquery.
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 2
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

ECOMMERCE Development

MAGENTO Developer (+-)

Should have good Knowledge on PHP,Should have Knowledge on MYSQL, HTML/CSS.,Good Knowledge of Javascript/Ajax & Jquery.
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 2
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

Front-End Developer

HTML Trainee (+-)

Should have good knowledge of C,C++, OOPS, Javascript & Jquery.,Should have knowledge of HTML & CSS.
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 5
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

JS Developer

JS Trainee (+-)

Should have good knowledge of C,C++, OOPS, Javascript & Jquery.,Should have knowledge of HTML & CSS.
Qualificaion : B.E, B.Tech, BCA, MCA
Opening : 5
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

Content Writer

Content Writer (+-)

Should have good writing skills, strong vocabulary, ready & comprehension skills.,Must have knowledge of technical content writing.Exp working with IT company in the same domain will be preferable.
Opening : 1
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive (+-)

Need to generate quality leads that result in Sales. ,Develop & execute marketing proposals. Give presentations to clients & close sales. Build good relationships with potential & existing clients.
Opening : 6
Experience : 0-1 Years Apply for a Position

Sr. Business Development Executive (+-)

Need to generate quality leads that result in Sales. ,Develop & execute marketing proposals. Give presentations to clients & close sales. Build good relationships with potential & existing clients.
Opening : 1
Experience : 2+ Years Apply for a Position

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