PHP is a powerful server-side language which is widely used for creating dynamic websites and apps. Creating PHP solutions becomes more convenient and fast with PHP frameworks like Laravel. It is a robust and high-end PHP framework having excellent features. Laravel is an open-source and state-of-the-art PHP framework, which is widely used for developing web applications.

Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) which is an architectural pattern used to develop user interfaces. By utilizing its features like secure routing, session handling, unit testing, caching, simple verification and so on, developers can build high-end web applications. In this post, we will take a view of how businesses can take advantage of Laravel web development to develop their websites.

Benefits of Laravel PHP framework

Laravel is an elegant and straightforward toolkit which developers use to develop highly-featured web applications without compromising the functionality of web apps. Many businesses prefer Laravel web development as it delivers excellent simplicity and eases the coding process. Following are the benefits that businesses can obtain with Laravel PHP framework for developing their websites.

Object-oriented libraries

Laravel not only provides an MVC structure, but it also offers a lot of modular libraries and tools to develop robust web applications. It offers several pre-installed libraries and provides support for many other libraries that are not available with other PHP frameworks. One of the most useful and robust libraries is the authentication library which provides tools for seamless authentication. It is very easy to install this library and it has advanced security measures that offer multifaceted security to your data. Every authorization request and retrieval of data is highly resistant to any unauthorized penetration.

Expressive database management

Database management is one of the most important parts of a web development project, which requires some efforts. However, with Laravel PHP development, database management becomes very easy. With this framework, database updates and data migration are streamlined with the use of seeds and Migration. Plus, it also utilizes Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping). With Eloquent ORM, it becomes convenient to link to relational databases, which is utilized in addition with many object-oriented models in the framework.

Flexible and cost-effective

Being a flexible framework, it provides you access to custom UI as per your requirements and enables you to develop multilingual applications. This allows building scalable, browser-independent, and feature-rich applications that encourage the user engagement. You can high-end and secure web applications without incurring extravagant effort and cost. As it enables to complete projects in least time and inherits the MVC principles, it enables you to improve the scope and reach of your business.

Error and exception handling

Any kind of error that occurs on your site can bring a huge impact on your business. Such problems can cause a negative user experience for your site as well as reduce the traffic on your site. The most vulnerable places where bugs are usually detected are the data entry forms. This is the place where bugs are often found and parsed when submitted. Laravel offers Monolog logging library method that enables to reduce the fallacies on websites. With regular updates, it becomes further robust to reduce errors on the websites.

Excellent mail integration services

Laravel offers simple and straightforward mailing integration services that make it a convenient tool for mailing integration. This framework provides drivers for services like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SparkPost, and SMTP which enables emails to be sent very quickly through a cloud-based or local service. Apart from this, it also provides support for publishing notifications through different channels like SMS and more.

High performance

Laravel delivers high performance for enterprise websites and they are developed by utilizing the effective features of this framework. It comes integrated with a myriad of important resources like Redis, Memcached, and more that facilitate the development of enterprise websites with a level of performance which is true must for enterprise websites. Once developers take care of these tools to integrate into the project during development process, then it is assured that website’s performance will improve with leaps and bounds.

High security

Laravel offers a higher level of security as compared to other PHP frameworks. It restricts all malware activities from entering a web application. It provides robust security to the data and code of a website. By choosing Laravel for website development, you can build a highly secure and safe website for your business. Choose the right Laravel web development company to build a secure and high-performing website.

Open-source framework

Being an open-source PHP framework, Laravel is widely adopted for developing different types of enterprise web solutions. It enables to build highly customized web solutions for businesses and they can create high-end solutions as per their unique requirements.

Blade templating engine

Laravel provides its own templating engine which is a Blade template engine. It provides a simple and quick way to develop engaging websites. It provides developers with pre-installed templates for websites that enable them to create dynamic and customized websites quickly. Besides this, Blade also offers ready-made widgets having built-in CSS and JS code. Websites built with Laravel are lightweight and high-performing. It enables the developers to create code snippets and can be put to the cache that can be used and modified later. Due to this, all development aspects including building layouts quite easy and convenient with Laravel PHP framework.

Automated testing

After development, testing and deployment are the crucial parts of the website development process which should be completed with care. The testing process provides a way to track errors and bugs in the code and rectify it to make the solution clean and error-free. If you chose to hire Laravel developer to build your PHP solution, then the developer will utilize testing techniques to ensure that the solution is perfect and bug-free. Moreover, Laravel supports automated testing and it has built-in support for PHPUnit, which provides complete helper methods for convenient testing.

Robust tools for efficient development

Today, having a feature-rich app is not enough, the application should provide tools that help to increase the effectiveness of the application. Laravel supports powerful cache back-ends such as Memcached and Redis. It is highly configured in such a way that it effectively utilizes file driver which enables to store cached components in a specific file system. Apart from this, it also enables the developers to set up several cache configurations quite effectively.

Efficient processes

Laravel doesn’t only streamline the development process for the web developers, with the tools that this PHP framework provides, it also makes the development efficient and effective. A web developer get various tools and features that the developer needs to create PHP solutions more easily and efficiently. The in-built tools and libraries available with Laravel improve the efficiency of a developer significantly than other PHP frameworks. It has tools that simplify time-consuming and repetitive processes and offers automated unit testing authentication solution.

A large supportive community

The key benefit of opting for PHP web development is the support from a large community of developers. Apart from this, the guides and learning resources available to understand and familiarize with Laravel, there is also a huge community of developers and users supporting this framework who can provide quick answers to your questions. Most programming issues with Laravel PHP framework can be resolved with the help of the community.

Why choose Laravel PHP framework?


There are numerous benefits that Laravel offers and which are not available with any other PHP frameworks. By choosing this framework for developing PHP solutions, businesses can take advantage of its excellent features and tools to develop high-end web solutions. Following are the reasons why you should choose Laravel for developing PHP solutions.

Potential for enterprise solutions

There is a great opportunity for enterprises with Laravel which allows them to create topmost solutions with required features. They can upgrade their existing websites by building them with this PHP framework. Businesses can create top-notch enterprise solutions that bespeak their quality.

High-quality solutions

Laravel is a great PHP framework to work with due to its excellent features and functions. Therefore, a web development company is able to develop impact-full solutions for its clients. Due to its elegant structure, PHP solutions built with Laravel are adaptable and can be easily improved with simple tweaks.

Access to a huge talent pool

PHP is the most popular server-side programming language and Laravel is a popular framework of this language. Using Laravel would mean access to a large pool of talent spread around the world. There are lots of websites that are built on this framework and it has come out as a reliable tool for developing the best solutions for skilled and experienced web developers. You can easily find a Laravel web development team that best fits your needs.

Wrapping up

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks which comes with excellent features for developing enterprise web applications. It offers robust security and authentication features along with various useful libraries. You can hire Laravel developer to build the best PHP web solution for your business. However, Laravel offers automated testing which saves you a lot of time and delivers more accurate results than that of the manual testing. There are numerous alluring benefits that one avail with Laravel which sets this framework apart from other PHP frameworks.

These features and options that are available with this PHP framework prove its supremacy over other frameworks. You can hire experienced PHP developer to build best-in-class solutions for your business. By using outstanding functions and features provided by Laravel, one can build great solutions with little efforts. Using this excellent PHP framework, the developer gets the opportunity to build any type of solutions as per their clients’ tastes and preferences. This framework is a flexible and simple tool to develop innovative solutions in least time.

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