These days, people across the globe are using mobile phones to access the Internet. In fact, large number of mobile phone users giving mobile-optimized websites first preference for browsing the Internet on their smartphone to obtain information. People have skipped PCs and gone straight to smartphones supported with a progressive web browser like Android, Symbian etc. to access website. This brings a necessity of a mobile-optimized websites which are highly compatible and accessible across different mobile devices and platforms.

Now-a-days, Mobile Device Compatibility playing big role when it comes to website’s functionality. Mobile compatibility is all about making a web portal compatible with different mobile platforms so that it can be easily accessible on the small screens of mobile phones for a significantly better surfing experience. However, creating the website with mobile-optimized interfaces is not as simple as it sounds.

By keeping in mind this new trend of expanded mobile web access, CSSChopper brings to you Mobile Device Compatibility option for your design free of cost. Send your PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF or any other design format to us and we provide you high quality mark-ups compatible with mobile platforms. By supporting Mobile Device Compatibility, we simply want to help you in creating a successful and mobile-optimized website with great web experience for users of mobile devices.

You can easily find “Free Mobile Device Compatibility option” at our Order page. Simply go to CSSChopper Order page and click on accessible Expand /Collapse menu titled as 5th option Advance Markup Options? Specify compatibility, font, CSS and coding options which is available under “Select Add-ons and Options”. Here, you can see Mobile Device Compatibility option available for mobile devices as well as iPad and iPod free of cost. Select yes to get Mobile Device Compatibility support and we deliver you valid, high quality, hand-coded mark-ups compatible with mobile devices and mobile platforms you specify.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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