CSSChopper has introduced an outstanding tool to create placeholder images free of cost for the theme. Whether you are planning to design a website or theme, the testing of images is required. Hence, CSSChopper introduces an image placeholder tool generator, which is bestowed with lots of tremendous features to offer a variety of opportunities to the designers, including save their precious time and reduce the efforts such as testing images, customize the color & size, create the dummy placeholder images with same names and more.

Image PlaceHolder Tool

Our Ultimate Aim To Create This Powerful Image Placeholder Tool

Before the final submission of theme in the marketplace, the creation of placeholder images is significant. However, it is a burdensome process, but doing so has become quite an easy task now with the introduction of CSSChopper’s free placeholder images tool. It also renders a facility to all theme designers to drag and drop the files (images). The checklist of such kind of image placeholders is very extensive, but not of all them are suitable to complete the designing needs. Therefore, an outstanding placeholder image generator tool has been created, which enables you to generate the wide collection of placeholder pictures once and the interesting thing is that the name of generated placeholder images is the same as your source images.

How This Dummy Image Generator Works!

  • In order to use this free of cost available image placeholders, go through the link https://lab.csschopper.com/placeholder/
  • Once the link is opened, choose any one option, either drag & drop files here or Browse for opening the Task Manager and select the desired images, that you want to convert into the placeholder images.
  • As soon as the task of dropping images is done by you, the placeholder image generator starts uploading files and parallelly it automatically starts the process of creating picture placeholders.
  • After the successful completion of all the above-mentioned steps, this tool populates all the generated placeholders into a ZIP file and allows you to download these files once.


CSSChopper gives you an assurance that the usage of this tool is simple and it is lucrative for a plethora of communities that are associated with the theme designing and website development.

One of very beneficial features of free placeholder images generator tool is, you can use it to generate placeholder pictures in bulk order even with the same names as mentioned in your source images. You can easily replace your original images with the generated pictures and then can directly upload these files on a website or promotional marketplace, where you want to sell your theme.

CSSChopper heartily welcomes all to use this tool and expect from you to share your valuable experience about this tool for its better improvement. You can post your feedback via this forum or drop us a message at [email protected]

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