Do you know that from startups to well-established businesses, entrepreneurs are opting for custom web development to introduce their brands in the market the way they want? Even those who already have a business website are now looking forward to customizing it as per users’ requirements.

It mainly focuses on your target audience to keep your business ahead of your adversaries. Customizing your website simply means making a website with optimized code, advanced and updated tools, and technologies along with new trends in website development.

Why Should You Opt for Custom Website Development?

Website customization simply means converting your artistic business ideas into functional reality. Incorporating custom web development is an all-time recommendation to ensure the success of your business. In today’s world if your business has no active online existence, then it has no existence at all. People these days search for the services and products they want through online mediums.

If your website is not optimized as per search engine protocol and you are not easily reachable to the end-user, then you are probably losing a strong client base. Each business has a unique product and service they offer. Custom web solutions are customized for your brand, business objective, product, and services.

Custom website development mainly emphasizes your target audience to keep you ahead of your adversaries. Customizing your website simply means reshaping your business ideas through optimized coding, advanced tools, and technologies into a web solution.

The biggest question arises “why does one need to choose website development services to create a custom website when there is an option available for buying a website template?”

Being a business owner it is a hard decision to take whether you should proceed with custom-built websites or use a template. Which is the most suitable option as per the business model? And how are both different from each other? So, before you make the final call, know the difference between both custom websites and Templates. After this, you can decide on whether you should choose web development services or pick a pre-built website template.

Ready-made template vs. Custom web development

Using a ready-made website template is not wrong, but there are many disadvantages of it that compel you to opt for custom website development. You can choose from popular templates and add on to your website. Most of the time, using a template is money-saving, time-saving, and easy. However, you will end up with a generic appearance resulting in a one-of-many website.

You can choose to build a one-of-a-kind website by making a custom one. Template websites have rigid features and appearances that are hard to change. As you build a website from scratch, you can create every aspect with your specifications. Thus, it saves you from copy-pasting others’ ideas. You can leverage web development services as per your requirements to build a unique website.

Below are Some Points Mentioned to Compare a Website Template and a Custom-built Website

Website Templates

  • It restricts the customization of your website. What you see is what you get.
  • Templates are not search-engine friendly. They need to be optimized as per SEO rules.
  • It may not work 100% across all browsers or devices.
  • Templates are allowed to run on a structured system. Installing custom technologies is next to impossible.
  • It takes a short development time.
  • Using a template is a common approach, it’s hard to make your brand stand out.

Custom Websites

  • Customized website development is adaptable to your business requirements and objectives.
  • The website is tested to work on all devices.
  • No limitation to customizing or optimizing your website. Not only for the present scope, but you can also customize your website according to future requirements.
  • Custom builds websites are search engine friendly. It helps you to stay at the top of search engine rankings.
  • It allows you to create a space in website coding so that your website will extend with your business growth. The website development company you choose can help you customize or update your website as per your future needs like adding new pages or creating a service or product group.

Undoubtedly, having a custom-made website has uncountable benefits. Customized web solutions keep your website well-maintained and updated. Although it takes comparatively more time to develop than a website template, it allows you to deliver an excellent user experience to the visitors of your website.

How does a custom website development solution benefit your business?

Unique brand identity

You get numerous benefits if you choose to develop a custom website. To begin with, you can build a unique website that resonates with your target audience. Further, the website can be built as per your unique business requirements to match your brand. If you use a prebuilt template for your website, it may feel the same as many other websites on the web. As a result, it will be difficult to distinguish your business from others. But this is what you can avoid with a custom website. By creating a custom website, you make a distinct web development solution that is associated only with you. Consequently, your audience will identify your business easily.

Best for complex websites

Creating a complex website with a template gives you nothing but pain. How? Imagine you made a website on WordPress using a theme ready to go live. If you want to add more functionality, you can use plugins. Now using too many plugins can slow down the speed of your website. So, this is how your website can be painful for you because of its speed. Moreover, with custom web development, you can create a fast-loading website that is free of unwanted bloats. With this approach, you can integrate functionalities right into your website instead of using plugins or add-ons.

Excellent user experience

User experience is crucial for more user engagement on a website. A bad website experience can put your business at risk. With custom website development, you can create a website that is built with your ideal customers in mind. The website can be fast and work on a variety of devices and web browsers. As a result, the website will offer a more pleasing user experience resulting in more user engagement.

Better SEO

A website with a prebuilt template may not have proper search engine optimization. Consequently, it may not perform as per your expectations on search engine results pages. Since you are from scratch when creating a custom website, you get a better opportunity to build a highly optimized website. Your web developer can help you build the website while keeping all the metrics of SEO.

Standards-compliant website

Web developers follow different standards like W3C, WCAG, GDPR, and more when creating a custom website. However, if you build a website with a ready-made template, it may not be standards-compliant. Thus, you can create a standards-compliant website if you choose to develop it from scratch with the custom development method.

Why Do You Need Custom Website Development?

Why is a custom website way better than using website builders

Front-end Custom Development

Front-end development is the functional area of the website that refers to the coding of front-end web development. It ensures that the user reaches their goals without any hitch, and converts into a potential customer.

Back-end Development

It is the hidden part of the website that you cannot witness, but control the entire website’s performance. The back end of any website is a set of custom web programming, in-house data integration support, maintaining data synchronization, and many more.

Tailored To Your Audience

Being an entrepreneur, we know our targeted audience is the reason behind our successful business. If you are not serving what audiences are looking for, then it’s hard to take your business as a success point. Always remember, that your website should reflect the user’s requirements. Hire web developers now that can create a website based upon the specification of the end-user.

Improved Security

Unfortified security can crash your business. Having a customized website won’t let you struggle with security vulnerability and also allows you to handle it from your end. Custom website development keeps your business safe from data theft or cyber-attacks.

Maximize ROI

A customized website is the paramount digital asset for drastically increased ROI. Yes, every aspect of a customized website is built specifically to meet your organizational goals that contribute to boosting sales and generating huge ROI.  When you hire a web developer, he/she works to deliver the best solution to you.

Third-party Integration

Reinventing your website is somewhat costly. When creating customized web solutions, it permits you to safer third-party APIs, an integration that helps you to reduce overall development cost, and also, incorporating existing systems which your customers have been utilizing, for eg. Google Maps, Social Apps, Salesforce, and

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In today’s scenario where everyone claims to be the best, you need to be unique. Your website should convey your business objective and reputation. If it does not speak about your authenticity and reliability then it’s nothing to do with your brand value. A custom web solution is mandatory for your professional appearance to the targeted user. For any business owner credibility is everything. Web site functionality, online reviews, and market value are the factors that speak about your credibility.

Optimized for Conversions

Conversion is directly related to your web architecture and functionality. A customized website is appealing to a wider audience with a clear path to conversion. If you hire WordPress developers then he/she will assist you in building a well-structured website that increases the traffic and conversion rates. Make sure that your website speaks all about your business to the user to convert them into potential clients.

Keep You Ahead Of Your Competitors

If you are a small or local business owner then a strong digital presence can make you a tough competition for others. Having a custom business website can let you gain an edge over your competitors. Hiring a custom web developer to build a tailored website for your business brings innumerable benefits. No matter if you are a start-up or a small business owner, a customized website wrapped with all the desired features lets your customers find you easily. It contributes to boosting your sales and increasing brand awareness in the market.

How would you know if custom web development is for you?

Creating a website from scratch provides many benefits, but there are downsides like it is expensive. Therefore, you might be in a dilemma of whether a custom development approach or template website is right for you. To choose the right option for developing your website, you can check the following points:

Business goals

The first and foremost factor in deciding whether you should build a custom website or not is your business goals. You need to decide what type of website you wish to build and what’s the purpose of this website. If you are making a website for providing information on your business, a template-based website can do that. But if you want a more complex website with specific functionalities, creating a custom website would be the wisest decision. You can also get a consultation from a web development company to help you choose the right approach for creating a website for your business.


Different websites require different tech stacks, features, and web development services, as a result, the cost of developing these websites is different in every case. Therefore, to choose a suitable approach to build your website, you need to find out your budget. Depending on your budget, you can choose between custom-built and template-based websites.  You can go through the complete guide on how much it costs to build a website to get an idea of the possible website cost. By knowing this, you can plan your budget accordingly.


Another important factor that influences the decision of ready-made template vs custom web development is your requirements. If you need more complex and a variety of functionalities, you would be better off by creating a website from scratch. A template-based website can offer a limited number of functionalities, and it’s not flexible to accommodate more complex needs.


So, the bottom line is the fact that a website is more than a single resource to earn money and brand reputation. To create a buzz online, custom web development is the best choice to be made. It seems like a stressful decision to choose a Custom web development service or a Template website when both have their pros and cons. You can choose a technology partner as per your requirements and budget to create a custom website for your business.

Custom web solutions are specifically tailored to your needs, and unique brand identity, and configured for the future growth of your business.

CSSChopper understands that due to constantly changing market trends, business requirements also change with time. CSSChopper is equipped with professional, tech-ninjas who offer fully functional and dynamic website development services based on the latest technologies. You can hire a dedicated WordPress developer from CSSChopper to generate great ROI and ensure the utmost satisfaction.

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