Magento is also known as a framework to developing e-commerce website these days. Magento is the open source web application development system for online business. Since inception on 31st march, 2008 Magento has advanced a lot. Today , most of the businesses have been shifting toward the online solution for electronic shopping with the help of this E-commerce building system. Magento is a very easy tool to develop site for online shopping. It is encapsulated with various features such as product browsing , catalogue browsing order management and lots more that just simplify the developing Electronics/online commerce web pages.

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Even packed with superb and easy to use functionalities, Magento is not as easy as you think so while deploying or customizing. There are various elements where we need to concentrate to improve updating and publishing the online shopping website. This blog lightens some important Guidelines on which we have to focus and try to implement E-commerce site through the Magento platform. Let’s have a look

Proper and detailed Planning

Before implementing the task of deploying and customizing, you need to have the plan with good structure and timing slots for every work. It will helpful in reminding you how many tasks are left, what is the deadlines and will also assist in developing feature full project. Remember that always select the hosting plan with low downtime.

Perform pre-deployment setup

After planning and booking the hosting plan, just upload the Magento file system to the space provided by the hosting service. Then create the database using the MySql database management system. Then follow step by step instructions to publish your site which include assigning database connectivity, with title and description, after this deployment process gets completed, then you will see the basic look of the website.

Customize the design

After the second step, you can easily customize the site. If having any template design for website, then you can upload that design and continue with the site. Otherwise you can customize the header, sidebar, footer, and banner on your own to get the look of your own choice.


Coding for SEO

For optimizing the page at the result page, Magento administration is packed with SEO ability. Such as you can stuff the keywords, edit meta tag description, and various tag elements. Here you can create internal linking , sitemap and can use robots. to enhance SEO.

SEO Flow Chart

Implementing and customizing Payment Gateways

After completing the SEO process the last most important the customizing process is to customize the secure Payment Architecture. The payment Architecture comprises proper gateways and checkout system to ensure secure transactions of fund and every information regarding payment. Magento is equipped with Payment gateways such as PayPal and Google checkout system that can be customized very easily. After configuring all these properly your online business site is ready.



All these steps should be followed very carefully and in a sequential manner means don’t skip any step. If you find any problem then you can mention in the comment section given below and it will be solved in the next blog.

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