The great revolution of highly advanced features and platforms in the IT industry has acquired a tremendous growth in order to boom the web development world. The World Wide Web and internet has offered a turn towards the new dimensions. The Internet helps all people in study, watching news, searching, business and in many more activities because it can provide endless possibilities. A trader can do his business beyond the geographical locations and increase visibility of brand. Hence, for businessmen, websites can offer various opportunities to fulfill their dreams with the help of having unique web identity and Drupal theme customization is the best method in order to meet their dreams in an effective and efficient manner.

Drupal Theme Customization

Drupal web development is cost-effective, interactive and user-friendly for content management. This open source CMS is used by diverse kinds of businesses to enhance visibility and achieve goal in minimum time-period. It helps to sustain their website data without hassle and recruiting technical expertise. Drupal theme conversion have ability to systematize, administrate, amend and change the subject matter conveniently, when needed.

Here are some appreciating advantages of Drupal, let’s take a look:

  • Time-saving
  • Comfortable for both technical and non-technical person
  • Easy Customization
  • Significant text formats, web page layouts and templates
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly and Interactive

A good news for Drupal users, Drupal 7.25 has been released with new improved features and bug fixes, but there is no security fixed made in this release. The significant features will come only with forthcoming Drupal 8.0 release. As all know that when any new technology releases, sites should run update.php just after updating the code of site, but it is necessary due to changes in Drupal’s page caching system. Until running update.php, anonymous users may view the garbage characters on the screen. If you never login as a website administrator, then give priority to updating code and see the garbage characters while trying to run update.php and login. You can include a random query string of URL in browser to access un-cached version of login page.

Apart from documentation fixes, there is no change made with web.config, default settings.php, .htaccess and robots.txt files. Therefore, no need to customize these files.

Need to Focus on Below Changes Since 7.24:

  • An optical feature to the Statistics module is added to allow the node counter view for sites that having an external page caches.
  • The bugs are fixed in node_save() that prevent the save node from hook_node_insert() and other similar kind of hooks.
  • The bug that causes frequent deadlock errors is fixed in the database API.
  • Enhances performance speed
  • Fixes those bugs, which caused cached pages and sometimes, automatically sent to the browser with incorrect impression.
  • Helps to make files and images more robust while saving those entities that have been deleted from the attached files.


In order to meet the company’s requirements and goal in a reasonable price is possible now with Drupal 7 series. So, if you are really keen for website theme customization or hire Drupal web developer, contact now with quality-rich and pioneer web development service provider – CSSChopper.

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