Apple iPhone 5, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry 10 and many more amazing Smartphone are hitting the market and this has created a serious hassle for marketer. The hassle of defining different cross-browser compatible service page designs for different screen size.

To make the things easy and to save the designers from designing different websites for desktop and mobile devices; Responsive Web Designing was introduced. Responsive web design enables the marketer to design a single website for the parade of all kind of screen size and operating platforms.

The design of RWD website automatically gets compatible according to the size of screen and hence provides easy and interactive UI to the end user. As the website runs on a single URL for every platform; the SEO for the website too gets sharper. But to extend the horizon of Responsive Web Design; some innovative minds has come up with an amazing concept of ‘Face Detection RWD’.

face detection RWD

Face Detection RWD is a latest technology which adjusts the font size of the webpage according to the facial movement. The font size of the webpage automatically shrinks and zooms as the viewer moves away and towards the screen. Nevertheless; this technology is not available in the market and is still in the process of refinement. But it will of course be the technology to look at in the future and will motivate new ideas to update Web Development.

So what you think, will it be a hero or zero? Meanwhile its official release; the PSD to Responsive web design conversion can surely be an effective stair for every business to reach the mobile users. RWD is a latest trend and due to less availability of resources it is looked as a technically difficult task to do.

Hence it becomes very crucial to search for an Outsource PSD to Responsive Web Design Service Provider that can provide W3C validated and Cross browser compatible coding. If you too are searching for the same then we suggest you to look at our service page for more information about the topic.

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