This post contains a complete comparison of Ghost vs WordPress to let you know that Is Ghost really the best replacement of WordPress! While both platforms are clean and simple to use as well as boosting their popularity over the web.

If there is a discussion about the best blogging platforms, then two choices usually come in mind, named Blogger & WordPress. And, if we start comparing both blogging platforms, then we find that these are flexible & easy in terms of managing content regardless of providing the expected user experience in context of hosted environment. To fulfill this requirement, Hannah Wolfe & John O’Nolan’s surprise the blogging world in 2013 with an announcement of a powerful yet open source blogging platform called “Ghost”. This free to download and use blogging software is being maintained actively by the Ghost Contributors & Foundation.

ghost vs wordpress

From past few years, the interest of people is rapidly moving towards Ghost, especially as a complete blogging platform, but it does not mean that WordPress has left the competition. It is still in demand and Ghost is its strong competitor. Now, the question is, which would be the emerging blogging platform in the future? Let’s find out this via comparison!

  • Dashboard

Using a lot of new concepts, Ghost has provided interactive interface, which is clearly visible on the Dashboard design with all relevant information that you require. It provides your website’s statistics on the right side of site and information regrading post is shown on the left of your website. In comparison of Ghost Dashboard, WordPress is quite formal & not that much enticing.

So, Ghost is a thousand time better than WordPress in this aspect of Dashboard.

  • Post Editor

Ghost is approached with a brilliant writing method, through which you can write content on the left and simultaneously see its live preview on the right without any new tab or hassle. But, for doing the same task in WordPress, you need to open a fresh tab for preview and at that time its Post Editor is cluttered automatically with options.

It means that Ghost wins again due to its to the point facilities and appealing user interface, which appears too complex & dull in WordPress.

  • Features

If we talk about Ghost vs WordPress in terms of functionality & features, then it will be an unfair comparison between two platforms, in which, WordPress is undoubtedly winner. Rich in incredible plugins, themes and a wide array of options, WordPress holds the support of millions of users. It brings great ideas & updates in regular interval and allows the users to protect their blog from any spam, add Facebook widgets, create own photo gallery, etc. But, Ghost fails to do such jobs in account of features.

WordPress beats Ghost in respect of functionality and features.

  • Technical Support

Being the trustworthy & recognized CMS, the graph of WordPress global users is very high along with the number of websites that have been powered over the web. It has a large community of experienced developers to help anyone, who needs technical support to use this platform effectively. However, Ghost has a separate community forum to offer technical support & help, but as compare to 10 years old blogging platform, it is weaker in terms of quantity & quality.

Here, WordPress is fairly advantages over Ghost.

  • Blogging Platform vs CMS

This is the point, where things get little bit confusing because of no final conclusion or winner. WordPress is a complete CMS, not just a blogging platform, packed with thousands of plugins & themes that are easy to manage & build the website while Ghost is just a blogging platform.

Ghost is the right choice for the bloggers only, but if you want a CMS, then forget about Ghost and go for WordPress.


Ghost can be considered as the future of blogging platforms as it is fast and incorporated with multiple exceptional features to flourish a business. Now, it’s your choice, whether you want a complete CMS or only a blogging platform. Hopefully, this post will help you pick the suitable one. You can share your views about this Ghost vs WordPress post and give us some suggestions as well.


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