Brands of today are competing with charm to attract the audiences with an honest intent to grab the maximum benefit. The chief asset here is to have a pretty website and business pages for the users. And the result will be, great attention to the customers and heavy financial benefits. Consequently, hiring a PHP web development company is trending today when it comes to working decently with the accelerated mobile pages.

PHP Web Development Company

The main motive of AMP is to minimize the load and execution time of the mobile pages. Further, these pages give a unique identity to the brand and showers necessary info to the customers. PHP is a speedy programming language that is not dependent on the server’s memory and the workload of the server runs to a minimal extent.

What Exactly AMP is All About!

Accelerated mobile pages is the smart concept launched by Google that helps creating fresh pages for static content. It is a smart aiding tool that developers can cleverly use to optimize the performance of web pages. Also, this open-source framework is the best fit for businesses to improve their page speed on the mobile network. From the future perspective, we believe its usage by Google and other prominent technology with a huge integration to other platforms.

Let’s read some of its benefits-

  • Minimizing excessive ads
  • Satisfied user experience
  • User-specific optimization
  • Dynamic user-friendly interface
  • Security of personal info
  • Ideal for eCommerce development due to less expense incurred
  • Customization of AMP structures on demand
  • Works with major platforms like Linux, UNIX and Windows

Different Levels Of The AMP Framework:

The framework of AMP has 3 important levels, which are as follow:

AMP HTML: It is the subset of HTML that consists of several similar tags but with a lot of restrictions. The basic knowledge about a HTML page gives scope to the web developers to use the AMP HTML.

AMP JS: AMP does not employ any third-party JavaScript to boost resource management of the framework and reducing the complications of handling any outside JavaScript use. Apart from reducing some restrictions, AMP JS also helps in improved management of the existing resources and hence improving the loading speed.

AMP CDN: The content delivery network of the AMP is optional to implement in the framework but optimizes the performance of the mobile pages. It caches the accelerated mobile pages with the most optimized servers and thus enhances their performance and working.

Traits of PHP Web Development That Fits AMP Within

1. Security

Security is an integral aspect for mobile pages which requires to have a protection shield to reduce the impact of any harmful element. While working for the unsecured platform or codes, it might result into the risky instances where your mobile pages can crash or your personal information might also leak.

2. Compatibility

As mobile users of today are making use of different devices and operating systems, the compatibility factor is always an important consideration. In addition, the best part with AMP is that it is built with the server compatible language that makes it easy to load on mobile devices. Due to this, the page appears in the maximum search results. The PHP has an inherent benefit that it is not platform-specific and can be used with the major platforms like Windows, UNIX, and Linux. It also gives support to the servers with repute such as Apache, Netscape or Microsoft IIS.

3. Variety of Frameworks

Like any other new framework, AMP also faces the issues while sustaining in the crowd. For instance, there are many shortcomings that web developers face when they are designing and implementing AMP. PHP manages the same as being one of the leading development languages that give support to the plenty of frameworks for web development. The ability to support so many available frameworks makes PHP a reliable name in the web that eliminates the possible problems when used in collaboration within different frameworks.

4. Easy to Learn

PHP is one of the simplest programming languages for web development as its syntax is based on the Pearl and C language which is easy to learn and execute. Furthermore, one can learn PHP coding without much effort and expert guidance. This is the reason it runs perfectly well for developing the AMP framework.

How To Use AMP Into Your Website

  • For a basic project, there exist two versions of an article page, namely the original version and an AMP version. AMP does not allow items like form elements and third-party JavaScript that restricts use of lead forms and other elements that constitutes a standard page.
  • There might be some instances when you need to rewrite your site template to give place to a few restrictions. For example, all CSS should be less than 50 KB. The loading intensity of the custom fonts makes it necessary to use a special amp-font extension to control loading. In a similar way, there is a need to support features like slideshows and social media embedding through some extended components.
  • Multimedia is another essential thing that requires special attention. Like, images need to use custom tags. Likewise, these tags can embed locally hosted videos through HTML5.

Some Vital Facts

The above discussion makes it pretty clear that PHP web development has all the required essentials that allow flawless execution of AMP. In terms of innovation and performance in the static content, a good solution might be affordable and easy to use. AMP gives the desired results to the crowd as web developers from a popular PHP web development company use it smartly. Their skills can complement all its aspects and serve a smart solution for developing AMP.

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