The award winning open source CMS is renowned as one of the insanely powerful frameworks in the web development industry for fast, secure and reliable website design. It is useful in developing feature-rich websites together with web apps. Now, the most awaited Joomla 3.1 version has surprised to many website developers with its robust capabilities, plenty of customization options & advanced features. Indeed, new update in Joomla development empowers website developers to create & manage a website efficiently. Now, developers are keen to upgrade the latest version of Joomla for building high-performance CMS websites & delivering out-of-the-box solutions.

Joomla 3.1

Let’s have a quick look at the versatile features of Joomla 3.1 version

Joomla Web Installer: This feature has been modified in the latest version of Joomla with the aim to provide an effective & user-friendly functionality. It offers easy-to-install options with proper functioning. The Postgre SQL database is the latest addition in the list of supported databases that allows developers to make a right selection as per the requirement from the 3 databases.

User-friendly Interactivity: Now, the user-interaction at the front and backend interface has been updated to the significant level. Due to the better interactivity & easy to use functionality, Joomla web development becomes easier as well as faster.

User Friendly Interactivity

Tagging Article Facility: This latest Joomla 3.1 comes with the article tags, which enable developer to script the article at faster and easier way.

Saving Content Just with Title: With the latest Joomla 3.1, it has become easy to save the content by just declaring the title/heading of the content.

Responsive & Compatible: Joomla 3.1 packed with the utmost solution for creating website, which is responsive (adjust itself according to the size of the display device) and very much compatible with every portable gadgets. It means the applications built on this latest version CMS can be easily administered on the latest mobile technology.

Responsive & Compatible

Localization Integration: It is easy for installing language package with this Joomla latest version content management framework.

Consistencies with Twitter Bootstrap: Twitter Bootstrap provides solution for navigation, thumbnails and typography. Earlier, it was difficult for developer to integrate Twitter Bootstrap with previous version of Joomla. Fortunately, this latest version of Joomla has come up with the convenience & also provides the common tool set that bridge the gap and improve consistencies with Twitter Bootstrap. The technique of Custom Joomla Development is optimized.


Hope that you get understands the latest feature of the Joomla 3.1 and gets pack yourself with the skill of this newly launched Joomla CMS. With the pacing times all the technologies will be updated, so it is necessary to be connected with the blog or the community discussing the latest feature of the upgraded technology, because this will ensure better ideas and functionality to create better the applications.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team- Contact Us for Joomla 3.1 Integration or PSD to Joomla 3.1 Conversion.

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