Comparison becomes inevitable when you don’t want to compromise anyhow and want to select the best between the good and better. Distinguishing the things is a good approach to lead towards growth and improvement. Remember the times, when you go for purchasing, how much you focus on comparison? That’s obvious because you want to deserve the best, undoubtedly!

Magento vs. Joomla

In this blog, I have demonstrated the a detailed comparison between the two open source platform (Joomla Vs Magento) for best e-commerce solution for you. When it comes to business matters, you obviously don’t want to put in jeopardy!

After deeply analyzing the pros and cons of both the popular platforms, i.e. Joomla and Magento, I was able to bring a clear picture before you. The comparison chart has been represented in a simpler and digestible manner to give apparent understanding to choose the best. However, the theme of the blog is not to emphasize that which one is better of the two, but it will guide you to choose the best one for you that meets your business requirements and budget criteria for making significant decisions.

General Comparison

General Joomla
Founded in
2005 2008
1.0, 1.5 (Long term support), 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 (Long term support), 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 (Long term support) , 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.5 1.0, 1.5, 1.6. 1.7
Open source nature
100% 100%
Web industries

  • Shopping 23%
  • Technology 7%
  • Religion 7%
  • Entertainment 6%
  • Social 6%
  • Health 6%
  • Travel 6%
  • News 6%
  • Education 5%

Other 23%

Web industries

  • Shopping 53%
  • Business 15%,
  • Vehicle 5%,
  • Technology 2%
  • Entertainment 1%
  • Health 4%
  • Adult 3%
  • Drugs 2%
  •  Sports 1%

Other 12%

 15% (2012) and 19% (2013)  20% (2012) and 25% (2013)
Online visibility
 Brilliant  Outstanding
 Less expensive  Highly expensive

Feature Chart

Feature Joomla
Fully SEO-friendly Fully SEO-friendly
Multi-language support
Supports multiple languages Supports multiple languages
Less complex More complex
Social media-friendly
 Yes  Yes
 Yes  Yes

Technical Overview

Technical Functionality Joomla
MVC (model-view-controller) EAV (entity-attribute-value)
PHP, MySql, OOPS programming HP, Zend framework
Set up and install
Plain & Simple A bit difficult
Shopping cart performance
 Good  Better
 Highly customizable Needs  professional assistance for Customization
 Hassle-free customization  Complex customization

Consistency in Use

Consistency Joomla
Intermediate High
Feasible but comparatively low in contrast to Magento Highly Feasible
Good Best
Online community and Support
 Better community Assistance  Exceptional community Assistance

Detailed Outlook

Additional Comparison Joomla
CMS performance
Superb CMS support and benefits Preferable only for shopping cart development
Some of the popular extensions are JEvents, Simple Photo Gallery, Virtuemart, etc.Simple to install them Some of the popular extensions are Social Login, Advanced Sitemap. Remerce CMS Meta Robots.Comparatively difficult to install than Joomla
Easy Setup and management A bit complex set & management


Hope the blog was worthy in making detailed comparison between the two most-demanding e-commerce platforms. With the provided information, you would no more be perplexed in making a final decision for your business.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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