OsCommerce Development Discontinued

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discontinuation of OsCommerce

CSSChopper displeases to announce the discontinuation of services catered for

  • OsCommerce Integration
  • Hire OsCommerce Dedicated Developer

You must be wondering, why we are suddenly discontinuing the long-served service of CSSChopper. Well frankly speaking, we are concerned about slow paced (paused) new development release of OsCommerce that predicts its fearful future, moreover inclining toward the unofficial demise. So, we are now ceasing the work and services associated with OsCommerce.

Though, we cannot neglect the seamless efforts supported by OsCommerce for revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in making a big hit. Earlier releases of OsCommerce got popular for tableless web design, object-oriented backend, and incorporating the benefits of social networking tools.

However, our existing clients (of OsCommerce projects) need not to worry and panic about anything, as we will continue providing them full support for our deployed work that we have done in the past. We still hold expert workforce to serve the best to you! Also, we are ready to assist you, if you are looking for service upgrade or any support for OsCommerce service.

In case you find any trouble, get in touch with our Business Development Team for instant assistance!


17 May 2013
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