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E-commerce or online shopping is the face of present shopping style. With more and more websites launching every day it has become very essential to compete the market forces through impactful web presence. For creating an attractive website it is essential to make use of the best CMS solutions available. For designing and endorsing an online shopping website one need to imply some effective e-commerce tools.

It is important to choose a medium that can easily assimilate a user friendly interface, provide security and holds a transaction capability which is safe. While keeping these points in mind it is difficult to choose the best CMS platform for hosting of your online shopping business. Here we are discussing about some of the paramount CMS platform available as open sources for E-commerce hosting. The top five CMS platforms for E-commerce are:

Prestashop: Prestashop is a strong e-commerce host available to download as an open source as a free source. It provides numerous appealing features availing a complete control to you of your website. It is provided with the features for managing back end programs, taking order from customers, and managing inventory. It is supportive to PayPal and several other commercial banks that make the payment system secure. You are free to use various modules to create your own special features.

Magento: Magento is another popular CMS platform that offers a different level of flexibility and control to the site owner. One can design clean and simple web designs by using Magento. It avails special features like unique flexibility, controllable architecture, support from professionals, and integration of Apps of third party in a smooth manner.

osCommerce:  This is another best e-commerce CMS platform with which assembling the online store is easy and prompt. osCommerce is CMS platform which is aided by the large number of community of experts. It supports currencies of many countries and aided with a backup system too.

ZenCart: This is e-commerce solution available as an open source ideal for mid size to big size e-stores. Zen-Cart id simple in usage and provide a wide range features like, newsletter creator, e-mail add-on, pricing options and installation process.

Drupal e-commerce: Drupal e-commerce is set of few amazingly efficient modules from Drupal that helps us to create an online-shop easily. It is free to use as it is an open source enriched with various features. It is flexible and can be easily modified according to the requirement.

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