These days, Progressive Web Apps PWA are the talks of the online world. Some people claim them the future of both the physical and online world. Business owners expect them to transform the mobile and web world. They say that these will bring parity among native and web apps. Further, this will assist mobile developers to attain something beyond the application stores.

The Simple Definition of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are defined as web apps that unite the best features of native and web apps. It is named progressive as it keeps on progressing.

Prime Facts of Progressive web App Development

  • A registered service worker along with a fetch Event handler
  • A web manifest and Installability file
  • Served through HTTPS
  • Built on App Shell model

Why Alex Russell and Frances Berriman Coined Progressive Web Apps?

Each one of us has used iOS and Android apps on smartphones. We use them for multiple things from shopping to reading important stuff. But, before installing these apps, different questions boggle our minds, like

  • Is there ample space on my phone?
  • Do I need this app?
  • Is this app safe to install, etc?

According to some recent surveys, several people have started abandoning iOS/Android applications. The reason behind it is quite simple they did not get as satisfactory experiences as they expected. Some people are hesitant to download more apps. And, some people do not have enough space for them.

If you do not believe it, then you can conduct a simple survey on your phone. Browse the apps and you will find that there are many that you do not use at all or use seldom. The irony of today is that there is a responsive website with similar functionality behind these apps. Thus, no one finds it wise to waste internet data or phone space by installing these apps. And, the regular updates of these apps become another headache for the users. Progressive web app development works for it wonderfully. It combines the best of native and web under one system.

Best Features of Progressive Web Apps

Captivating: Its features such as push notifications are superbly captivating.
Safety: Being served through HTTPS, delivery of content remains safe.

Progressive: Progressive word defines that it performs for each user irrespective of the chosen browser. Therefore, progressive enhancement works as the core feature in their creation.

Easy Installation: Users can install the site like an app on the home screen. They do not require visiting an application store.

Simple Sharing: To share progressive apps, one only requires a URL in place of an onerous installation process.

Responsive: You can make it work in any form including mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.

Updated: It remains updated. So, one does not need to update it regularly like iOS/Android apps.

Quick Loading Time: These apps come with instant availability.

App-like: Constructed on the app shell model, these apps offer app styled interactions.

Why Progressive Web Apps are a beneficial deal?

An application publisher considers it a big achievement if he succeeds to save costs for the development and maintenance of the app. Thus, PWA acts as a good idea here as it is believed that it is easier to create a website than an Android/iOS application.

Like other apps, Progressive Web Apps are not confined to a particular platform. This means to say that one does not require creating a separate app version for varied platforms. Yes, Progressive web app development works on all platforms.

List of the brands who adopted Progressive Web Apps

The Weather Channel
Trivago, etc.

eCommerce marketers conduct surveys for the best trends in the eCommerce world. A great discussion came from the Divante, e-commerce consultants prepared a list of the best trends. The consultants sent this list to the specialists in the eCommerce world. Then, they came to the conclusion that PWA will be one of the best trends eCommerce industry in 2020. This trend is expected to bring a revolution in the e-commerce world in the coming years.


Thus, this new concept is a perfect medium to bring mobile apps near to parity with the help of the installable app, home screen, manifest install support, service worker with good background functionality, fast load speed with App Shell, etc. It is not wrong to call them the future of the web app industry.

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