An online shop powered with free and open source e-commerce web application Magento featured with catalog management, mobile commerce, analytics and reporting, catalog and product browsing, site management, one-page checkout, order management, multi-lingual support, feature-rich customer accounts and lots more. PSD to Magento theme/ template integration is considered most prominent way to create a fully functional e-commerce based online store along with great accessibility.

The process of PSD to Magento implementation and customization starts with slicing of PSD format based design made by the web designers. The intend behind slicing of PSD files is to add life into them. Since, the files that depicts web designer’s originality are lack of usability and therefore, a web developer encode Photoshop based sliced files with HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-up languages. By means of HTML / XHTML / CSS programming, a person can add functionality in PSD files sliced to create web pages on the web browsers.

Earlier, web developers used to prepare tables for XHTML encoding and then, code them consequently which made entire process quite time consuming and clumsy. Now-a-days, most of the web programmers slice PSD format based files into particular divisions before execution of the XHTML programming. This process is considered more convenient in comparison to tradition one. However, PSD to HTML / XHTML conversion is quite costly but contributes a lot in making easy-to-use design fully accessible.

Once, PSD to HTML is over then Magento integration and customization takes place by Magneto developer. The XHTML encoded web template convert and customized with open source e-commerce based web application named as Magento to design a feature-rich online E-shop loaded with interactive features. So, beat the stiff competition with Magento powered online web portal and offer your potential visitors a new experience.

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