More than 1,25,000 users with an average of 250 new websites every day, winner of the 2010 & 2011 Best Open Source Business Application awards! Yes, you are correct, pal; I am talking about Prestashop. Prestashop is an open-source ecommerce solution recommended and employed by millions of web developers for importing business on the internet.

Designing an online shopping store directs the business to a vast crowd of potential customers. With the availability of affordable PSD to Prestashop conversion service providers, the task of translating business on the Internet has become much easier than ever before.

To give you many more sound reasons to opt for PSD to Prestashop theme integration, I am providing a table of Front-End and Back-End features of Prestashop.

S.No. Front-End Features of Prestashop Back End Features of Prestashop
1 Special Deal Window on the homepage WYSIWYG text editor available for the Admin
2 Google checkout module Unlimited Currency and Text setting options
3 A wide array of Payment methods Automatic Resizing & optimization for Media files
4 Amazing UI by Product image zoom Better SEO for the Website
5 New items and a top-seller window on the homepage Integration Of Bar Code is easy
6 Option for Customer Subscription and online account Unlimited no. of Category and Subcategories can be included
7 Package tracking and Cross-selling Availability of Maintainance Mode
8 Tag Cloud and Custom Favicon Attribute Combo Generator
9 Availability of Wishlist Feature Delivery Status Notification By SMS/Email
10 Multiple-recipient contact form 13 Language Translation Possible (Default)

The coding part of PSD to Prestashop theme conversion requires core knowledge of AJAX programming language. Any errors in the coding process can result in a bug in the navigation algorithm and hence degrade the User Interaction.

According to the survey by, easy navigation is the most crucial parameter in the eCommerce website experience.

PSD To Prestashop conversion

Final Words

When choosing an outsource PSD to a Prestashop conversion service provider, it becomes really crucial to look out at their experience and past projects. A successful online store comprises different aspects that are mastered individually by years of experience and core knowledge of technology.

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