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Website loading time is one of the most important aspects that we need to be focused upon when developing a great website besides visual attractiveness and functionality. Web developers used to apply various techniques to build a web portal that can offer the end users a friendly web experience specially to reduce website loading time. Oftentimes, a large fraction of images make pages of a web portal load slowly which frustrate and annoy most of the visitors. To avoid this, programmers are using CSS property of sprites also called CSS Sprites to combine miscellaneous images to form a single image or master image which helps in page comprising of images. All this make a web page to load much faster.

In the web development industry, CSS Sprites is an advanced technique most commonly used practice particularly to reduce your server load. Web developers apply CSS Sprites in conjunction with background position CSS property to create a master image. This process starts with collection of individual sprites then each one is placed together to create single image also called master image with proper spacing between them. A professional needs to use CSS background positioning for setting sprites position.

Multiple images used throughout a website take lot of time to load when a request is sent to the web server. However, you can reduce request to one by simply combining images to form a single file and then positioned with CSS. Less number of HTTP requests will ultimately reduce website loading speed. In layman terms, CSS Sprites help in reducing the file size by creating a master image for multiple images and hereby, decrease loading time of web portal and enhance site performance.

Developers are using CSS-based approach to CSS sprites in various settings to keep the design maintainable and easy to update. Generally, the property of CSS sprites tends to work great only in a pixel-based design and very hard-to-use in elastic designs because of restricted background-position-property. By making use of CSS Sprites, you can easily reduce number of HTTP requests. The major advantage of using CSS Property is that it helps in saving bandwidth.

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