With the latest security update, doors has opened to upgrade the existing Drupal websites to fix the issues and get better performance. Drupal 7.38 & 6.36, both versions bring security fixes to protect from malicious users and their unauthentic login to your website & your secure data. In response of some recently found security vulnerabilities, the official community of Drupal has released 6.36 and 7.38 security updates. You can maintain core strength of your website with help of PSD to Drupal 7.38. CSSChopper is a recognized name in custom Drupal development realm to render robust and secure website development solutions.

Drupal 7.38 & 6.36 Released

It is strongly recommended by the Drupal security team that all sites powered by this platform need to be upgraded with the newest version soon to fix all security problems in earlier stage. Both (6.36 & 7.38) have been discovered to stop user impersonation vulnerability and make the site faster. Version 7.38 fixes vulnerability, including 2 open redirect and 1 information disclosure.

Impersonation (CRITICAL)

The presence of this vulnerability may hurt your business website and impersonation is perceived in OpenID module, which permits malicious users to login like normal users at your website. It is possible via administrators and their accounts’ hijak. There is a fact behind this vulnerability mitigation that victim will must have separate account associated with OpenID through different providers, including Verisign, StackExchange or LiveJournal.

Open Redirect (LESS CRITICAL)

In order to redirect the users at new destination, Field UI module has “destinations” query string in URL after performing action on some administration pages. Malicious users can take advantage in some critical circumstances while using this parameter for building URL

The fact about this vulnerability makes it mitigated and sites enabled with Field UI module will only be affected

Open Redirect (OVERLAY MODULE)

As the term overlay represents a layer over another, Overlay module showcases current page below administrative page instead of changing page in browser window. There is no sufficiently URLs’ validation before content display.

Information Disclosure (Offers CACHE SYSTEM – LESS CRITICAL)

Rendered cache system is used to prevent content theft. The private content available on your site may only be viewed by the user 1 only and it exposes all non-privileged users. This type of caching is not limited to Drupal 7 only, but it affects the overall performance and speed. Exposure is limited only if the administration role is assigned to user 1.

Last Few Words For Summary:

Keep your website protected from any sort of website vulnerability to make it speedy, updated and secure. CSSChopper is a renowned Drupal theme development company to avail the best in class PSD to Drupal 7.38 conversion & Drupal module development solutions. With the perfect mixture of technical strategies and advanced features, our adroit developers render ideal solutions that meet the clients’ custom website development needs the fullest. We provide top-notch solutions at reasonable cost and put the best efforts with in-depth proficiency to keep your website updated and more secure.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team– Now Get PSD to Drupal 7.38 Conversion service from #1 CSSChopper.

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