Being the most popular e-commerce platform for every kind of business, get your own online store to maximize traffic, and attract more visitors. In order to code online store, there are several integrated tools available in the market. One of the most recognized integrated tools providers is Shopify. This platform has always come up with the changing policies and features according to different business requirements. That’s why; it is termed as one of the best platforms for e-commerce website development. Now, Shopify comes with amazing features that enhance Backend user Interactivity and also improve performance.


Let’s perceive the below-given aspects:

Enable Abandoned Checkout Recovery

For getting the potential customer to your site, this Abandoned Checkout Recovery will be helpful. In some cases, the customer abandoned the order and forgets to apply for the order in the future; in this case, this Abandoned Checkout Recovery Functionality gives the reporting detail about the customer to the webmaster automatically. So that you can send an email to your respected customer or there is one more feature that ensures automatic delivery of mail to your potential clients. The email can be texted according to statements you want to mention. In this way, the conversion rate will also be increased.

Abandones Checkout Recovery

Ensure the Highly Interactive Report

Shopify Website Development helps to report page easily. This feature assists in instant spotting of inventory, order, and payment details. Secondly, you can easily measure the number of products sold out in the particular time period, which products are not in demand (that are not being sold), and can calculate the tax collection. Thirdly, you can view the table in any format such as Chart or Table form.

Added with Report Creation Functionality

Report Building feature enables you to create your own custom report. Sometimes, accessing some specific data through report functionality in Shopify is very time-consuming; but now with this report builder functionality, you can write a report in your convenient format and can keep with yourself. So that in the future, if you want to read the performance you can go through the report and can know instantly.

Report Creation Tool

Featuring Limitless Forwarding Email Addresses

Now, you can get the notification from the Shopify not only in the email address assigned by Shopify domain but also to your personal Email address. In this way, you can always be notified. You don’t need to go through different email address for checking the message. For example, when you buy the domain name by using Shopify, you get an email address such as “”. This feature will forward mail to “” as well as to your own email account such as “[email protected]”.

Added Future Publishing Feature

Future Publishing feature enables posting the pre-defined page, product collection, and blogs according to the future date and time. Suppose, you have uploaded the page today and you want it appears the next day, then Future publishing will assist you to fulfill this kind of requirement.

Future Publishing


With the introduction of all the above features, Shopify has helped in optimizing the conversion rate, improving the performance as well as making the admin-interface more user-friendly. CSSChopper is a prominent solution provider for e-commerce. Here, developers are connected with updated knowledge of Shopify to gratify trending customers’ requirements.

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