Magento, an eCommerce platform has become the preferred option for business owners to set up their online stores. This is because it comes with powerful and stunning features that are prerequisites for building a flawless website. Today, more than 250, 000 merchants globally are using this platform for their eCommerce store. It clearly shows how popular this platform is amongst the people.

As you might be aware of the fact that Magento 1 will end all its support by June 2020, so you have less time left to migrate. When the support will end, all the sites that are running on Magento 1.x Commerce will become outdated. And, the worst part is that your site will be at higher risk if you still continue to use the older version of Magento.

To maintain a pace with the latest development, many top Magento development services have already started working on Magento 2 and bid adieu to its previous version. Therefore, by continuing using Magento 1, you will miss out on the benefits of the latest technology.

Effective Reasons for Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Now, when the official statement has been released from the company about the support end of Magento 1, then using this version is something that we will not encourage. But, if you keep on using it, then you will have a hard time managing your site. Let’s have a look at the demerits of staying on this platform:

Effective Reasons for Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2Security Breaches

The moment Magento stops offering support and releasing updates for Magento 1, you will not be able to access your payment gateways. This is because of the outdated platform. And, the absence of security updates can make your site vulnerable to cyber attacks.

No Technical Support

The technical assistance that merchants are getting till now will be stopped in June 2020. Due to which it will be difficult for them to find an instant solution for the problems that they are facing with their sites. To combat this situation, it is best to choose the latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform.

Absence of Third-party Extensions

Due to a lack of maintenance, the existing extensions will not support the new patches for the platform. In addition to that, your extensions will not get new security updates that can affect your site’s security.

These are some problems that you will encounter if you stick to the older version of Magento. It is the right time to hire web developer to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Key Advantages of Choosing Magento 2 Platform

Magento 2 is equipped with advanced features and functionality. That’s why some of the best eCommerce website development companies are using it. It is giving tough competition to the top eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop. Here are some advantages that users can get from Magento 2:

User-friendly Checkout

Magento 2 offers a streamlined checkout process which makes the customers complete the purchase faster. It is customizable and requires less information from the customer’s end. By decreasing the checkout time, you can reduce cart abandonment rates and improve conversions.

Superior Performance

Migrating to Magento 2 will ensure that your site will always deliver faster performance. The sites which have good page load speed boost the sales performance of the business. Also, Magento 2 comes with in-built caching that makes a website load in 1-2 seconds while non-caching pages take 5-10 seconds to load. Not only this, it has the capability to manage multiple catalog pages without hampering the speed.

Improved Admin Interface

The new admin interface has saved ample time that earlier gets consumed in the store management. It is user-friendly which beginners can understand without any difficulty. Admin can easily customize the admin panel so they can access the essential information quicker. As a result, this makes the admin panel highly personalized for the users. They can efficiently manage products, orders, and customer information thus, increasing overall productivity.


A mobile-responsive design is crucial for multiplying business sales. Since customers are inclined towards tablets and mobile phones for shopping, this feature is of utmost importance. The Magento team has included this feature in Magento 2 platform. It comes with responsive and SEO-friendly themes. All these elements will enhance the look and functionality of your online store on mobile devices.

Regular Updates

Magento 2 provides consistent updates so the users can make the most out of the technology. Your web development company can utilize the technical advancements for building fast, secure, and powerful eCommerce stores. This will help you in setting up a site that matches the customer’s interests.

Challenges Faced While Migration

The process of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not simple as there are many challenges that are associated with it. The biggest problem that people with no technical knowledge performing migration face is the risk of losing data. Therefore, choosing a web development company will help you to resolve this problem. They will perform the migration without any data loss.

The migration will affect the load speed of your eCommerce store. You have to optimize your website for increasing its speed. By seeking assistance from the developer, you can optimize your site and make it ready for heavy traffic.

Apart from data loss and slow page speed, the migration will also bring an impact on SEO ranking. It can be due to various reasons like changes in the URLs of the service pages.


All the eCommerce stores that are using Magento 1 would greatly benefit from the new features and functionality of Magento 2- if they make a switch. Though the migration process is challenging, you can hire Magento developer to make it a stress-free job.

In the coming times, the constantly evolving trends will make migration unavoidable. Due to its responsive design, easy checkout process, and higher efficiency, Magento 2 has all those features that are necessary for building a successful eCommerce store. For those who haven’t made a switch yet, now is the time to migrate to the latest version to reap maximum benefits.

If you need quality support in the migration process, then you can choose CSSChopper, a renowned eCommerce web development company. With a decade of experience in this industry, we have helped many top brands with the migration.

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