Top 5 OsCommerce Add-Ons

osCommerce has emerged today as the most effective tool to manage e-commerce or online stores. This is a famous tool today that helps in managing the online carts effectively by generating positive results. osCommerce helps in managing the various kinds of online stores by availing functionality and ease for the usageto the customers. To make use of osCommerce efficiently it is really positive to get some of its most beneficiary add-ons.

Let’s discuss about the top most favorable osCommerce add-ons:

Order Editor: This is a very efficient add-on for every e-commerce site. With this effective tool the programmer can make the changes in the information of the various products displayed on the website very quickly and easily. It allows the customers make additional choices to buy products and insert their discount coupons to their related product. The site manager can edit the all type of information related to all the products very easily.

Easy Populate: This is another add-on from osCommerce that helps the e-store owner to manage various programs with excel sheets. One can download all data files in CSV format which can be easily edited in software without using web browser. One is free from updating work of the various products that kills a lot of time. It helps you to manage the work of store by saving a lot of time.

Simple Template System: This is an add-ons designed in order to give a sense liberty to the web developers to personalize their web store according to their choice. With this tool one simply provide various different look to your osCommerce site without having sound knowledge of HTML coding. Here you can change the look of several pages while altering a single page of website.

Purchase without Account: Purchase without Account is another special osCommerce add-on that allows the customer to make purchase without setting up an account. By installing this add-on one can proceed directly to make the purchase for the desired product.

Admin notes: This is a special add-on from osCommerce comes under admin tools. With this add-on one can make some notes about your important things like your ideas, customer queries, customer suggestions, to do list, and many similar notes. The notes can be modified, edited, and erased whenever you wish. With this special add-on you can save yourself from various bits of note papers littering your desk.

With the above mentioned amazing add-ons you can make your osCommerce site full of endless beneficial features assisting growth of your trade.

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