5 Key Features In A Multi Vendor eCommerce Website Development

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5 Key Features in a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website

The inception of the eCommerce industry not only brought about a drastic change in the lifestyle and shopping habits of people. But it also opened new opportunities for retail businesses. Today, we have many multi-vendor eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

The success of these giants has inspired many businesses to look for the best eCommerce website development company. Today every businessman wants to create their own multi-vendor eCommerce platforms. But one thing that every aspiring business owner wants to know about is what are those features that make these eCommerce websites successful.

So, here we will be discussing the 5 must-have features that a successful multi-vendor eCommerce site should possess.

What is a Multi-vendor eCommerce Website?

A Multi-vendor eCommerce Website is a common selling point for multiple vendors. It means this is a huge online marketplace where different vendors can sell their products instead of having eCommerce sites of their own. 

By paying a certain amount which is much less than the cost of custom eCommerce website development; these vendors access a vast platform to sell their goods easily and safely. Many small or large scale businesses are taking advantage of these ready-to-use platforms to sell their goods and it saves them huge costs that are incurred when creating separate online stores. 

5 Key Features for  Multi-vendor eCommerce Site Development


5 Must have features in a multi vendor eCommerce Website like amazon

When it comes to developing a multi-vendor eCommerce website numerous factors have to be considered including what functionality and features it should have. Before opting for the custom eCommerce development services, you should make all your preps and plan. 

The following are the key features that are essential for a multi-vendor eCommerce store to attract more sellers:

Multi-vendor Control

When a merchant will join your online multi-vendor eCommerce platform, the merchant will require certain control. After joining, the merchant should have control to manage their business and products sold on your eCommerce platform. 

With the control of their business, merchants can manage different aspects like delivery time, price, modes of shipping, and many other details. To provide this control a multi-vendor eCommerce site needs to offer:

  • Automatic splitting of payments and orders to corresponding seller’s accounts. 
  • Control over the management of individual inventory.
  • Control over making updates like COD, product change, shipping, discounts, etc. 

Secure Platform

Undoubtedly, security is the most crucial feature for any website found on the internet. And, in the wake of rising online frauds and cyber security threats, having robust security is inevitable for a successful multi-vendor eCommerce platform. 

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Integrating the best security features not only help you protect your eCommerce website from all kinds of malicious activities, but it is also the reason for both online buyers and merchants to trust in your website. Hence, this is necessary to choose the best company that can accomplish website development for eCommerce with effective security measures. 

To meet this end, you should:

  • Add a strong layer of protection.
  • Use HTTPS.
  • Ensure your site is PCI DSS compliant. 
  • Choose a secure eCommerce development platform.
  • Secure user-level information. 
  • Never store sensitive user data. 

Robust Reporting

Vendors should have access to data regarding their sales and business. With the graphs and data available from the back-end, vendors can evaluate sales trends and promote the business accordingly. 

Therefore, a robust reporting system is essential for creating a successful multi-vendor eCommerce platform. Your store needs to offer the following functionality in this regard:

  • Details and information that are necessary for making forecasts like top search items, last 4 orders, etc. 
  • Instant tracking of abandoned carts and sales.
  • Data about the highest sold products.

Automated Tasking

At the custom eCommerce web development stage, you will encounter many functionalities to be implemented in your website that can be automated. Tasks like calculating shipping costs or sorting products if done manually on your site can be troublesome from a customer’s point of view. 

So, you need the right technology to automate such tasks and improve the customer experience. In this regard, your website should offer the following features:

  • The sales data on a supplier’s dashboard should be consolidated automatically whenever a new order is placed by customers.   
  • Real-time computation of sales, shipping cost, and tax and provide the details to customers. 

SEO-friendly CMS

Today, we have a lot of content management systems (CMSs) like Magento, WordPress+WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc that are being utilized for developing eCommerce websites. If you want to go with Magento then you will need to find the best Magento website development company or if WordPress+WooCommerce is your choice, then you will opt for WordPress development services

However, before you choose any of the popular CMS, you must first learn about them to choose the right CMS for your website.

Besides dozens of factors, SEO is an important aspect that you must consider to choose a perfect content management system for your website. To get a clear idea of which CMS is the most suitable website development platform for your eCommerce website, you can read our blog “ Magento Vs Shopify Vs BigCommerce Vs WooCommerce “–Which eCommerce Platform Is Best For You? and get a complete analysis of top eCommerce CMS.

A good SEO makes it possible for your website to attract more traffic as well as a better ranking in search engine results pages. You need to do many things to improve your search engine ranking like:

  • The content structure should be well organized to make editing easier.
  • Automation of sitemap generation.
  • Images, meta descriptions, and optimized tags.

When you create a multi-vendor eCommerce website like amazon that entails these features it acts as an easy solution for retailers who are looking for a readily available eCommerce platform to sell their products. 

For these retailers choosing to sell products on multi-vendor websites brings greater ROI, than investing in a standalone online store. So, this method not only cuts their costs but also helps them avoid all the pains that come in their way during custom eCommerce development services.

However, to be more competitive in the market and to ensure that more retailers choose your multi-vendor store, you need to provide the exact functionality that they are searching for.

Final Note

Today, as online shopping is touching new heights, launching a multi-vendor eCommerce site is a wise decision. With this approach, you can allow different retailers to sell on your website and grow their businesses. However, developing an eCommerce website is a big and bold decision, so you need to choose the right technology partner that can accomplish this kind of project with success. 

Whether you hire eCommerce developer or handover your project to a custom eCommerce development company, you must be fully sure that they can provide the expected results. You can choose CSSChopper for the best eCommerce development services. 

At CSSChopper, we can develop advanced and highly secure multi-vendor eCommerce sites that will offer excellent functionality for merchants. Our developers will build the right eCommerce solution that will meet your expectations and attract more sellers. We’ve delivered successful projects to lots of customers around the world. 


08 June 2020
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