The software industry is quite dynamic and we’ve seen many new software technologies evolved in the past few decades. Programming languages have also witnessed substantial changes and we see these languages with better features and concepts. Moreover, JavaScript is a cutting-edge technology that has evolved over the years to become an integral part of the web. It is the most useful and versatile programming language which is widely utilized for developing interactive web applications. A company can hire JavaScript developers to create web applications and apps for mobiles and desktops.

hire JavaScript developer to create web applications

Although challenging, JavaScript is still beginner-friendly and people can pick up the basics easily as compared to C++, Ruby, Java, and other difficult languages. A JavaScript developer can start developing fully-functional applications within a short period. Also, it is the first programming language for many developers to start learning to program. If you have decided to learn JavaScript, it’s a good choice and you can find plenty of resources, to begin with.

In this post, we will go through the reasons why JavaScript is a beginner-friendly programming language.

Reasons for why JavaScript is beginner-friendly

JavaScript is a popular front-end technology that has become an important part of the web since its inception. It also shares several concepts and core functionalities with many other languages. Plus, there are many JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Ember.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc which allow developers to build advanced web solutions quite easily and quickly. With so many resources and tools, learning JavaScript can be a breeze for a beginner. The following are some reasons why JavaScript is easy to get started with for a beginner.

  1. It’s in-built in every browser

When it comes to learning a programming language, you will need several tools and resources to get a kick-start. You need tools like a compiler, editor, linker, and online or offline learning materials. To end your misery, you can also use an IDE, short for the integrated development environment, which offers all of the programming functionalities in a single package. But starting with JavaScript programming is quite easy as it is built into every graphics web browsers. So, you can start creating JavaScript programs in your web browser. Also, you can test your programs by directly running in the web browser. Because almost every modern web browser supports JavaScript, it is easy to set up and get started with this language. There is a dedicated JavaScript console that is available with most browsers to let you enter JavaScript code and execute it. Besides this, you can also find plenty of editors, tools, and IDEs like Komodo Edit, Visual Studio Code, Atom IDE, NetBeans, Komodo PHPStorm, and more, many of them are available for free.

  1. Straightforward syntax

A key advantage for a beginner while learning JavaScript is that its syntax is straightforward and people can comprehend the concepts easily. The language provides many ways to do the same thing which makes it easy to write code. Beginners can pick up the basic syntax easily and it also takes a little time to learn many complex features of JavaScript. It is a lightweight and interpreted language which is usually embedded with HTML. There are numerous resources like, Mozilla JavaScript Guide, Codeacademy, etc which make learning JavaScript easy and fun. These days there is a lot of demand for JavaScript developers. And, companies hire JavaScript developer to accomplish varied projects and provide great incentives to them.

  1. A vibrant community of developers

hire JavaScript developer to create web applications

As a beginner when you start learning a new programming language you come across varied questions and problems that you aren’t able to sort out. If there is enough community support for the language that you are learning, it is easy to find the required answers. There is a huge and vibrant community of JavaScript developers that help you to overcome your issues. The community is growing and active on different platforms. You can easily find help on varied community support platforms like Stack Overflow, Reddit, Stack Exchange, along with countless blogs and articles. By using these platforms you can find answers to questions and get help to resolve your coding issues.

  1. Plenty of tools to simplify coding

Besides varied IDEs and Editors, there are other development tools also which include JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Ember.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, and more. These frameworks and libraries are pre-built tools that developers can use to create web applications quickly and easily. These days, there is a lot of demand for jQuery development services to build interactive web solutions for varied industries. JavaScript makes a website interactive by adding functionality to it. A JavaScript programmer is responsible for writing codes that instill functionality into a website or web application.

  1. Great career opportunities

Great career opportunities

There are many great opportunities for JavaScript programmers with high income and incentives. After the introduction of Node.js, JavaScript has emerged as a full-stack web development language and full-stack JavaScript has become a buzzword these days. Thanks to Node.js that programmers can do server-side scripting while creating client-side solutions. Nowadays, JavaScript is widely utilized for back-end coding with the support for Node.js besides front-end development. After learning this language, programmers can have a great future ahead. Also, JS is used for developing hybrid mobile applications and a JavaScript app development company works with this technology to develop mobile solutions.

Wrapping up!

There are thousands of programming technologies that have evolved over the years. JavaScript is a popular programming language that has become an essential technology in the web world today. It has gone through varied refinements that boosted its functionality, performance, and usage. JavaScript might be challenging for a complete beginner at first, but the basic syntax is easy to grasp. Also, when started, a beginner can pick up the pace and develop simple programs in the least time.

There are numerous tools, resources, and platforms that help beginners to learn the language, create programs, and sort out their issues easily. Also, Node.js has increased the power of JavaScript by making it possible to create server-side scripts. If you have no experience in programming, learning JavaScript might be difficult and you might choose more simple language like Python. But you can choose JavaScript when you have some prior experience in programming, it will help you get a good command over the language more quickly.

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