Marking an effective web presence is the ultimate requirement of every website owner. Launching your own website is a process that is required to be done cautiously. While launching your website you may forget various important things needed to be essentially done for a successful site. In order to avoid those mistakes it is suggestible to create a checklist in advance.

Here for your benefits we are assembling a checklist to be noticed by every designer before the launch of the website:

? Check all content flash video, scripts to make sure that the loading time of the site is most favorable for the user.

? Check Favicon of your site as it symbolizes your branding. To check this goes to the left side of the URL in the browser and change it if needed.

? Check the links with

? Edit and proofread the content of the website very carefully. Double check everything like spellings, grammar, punctuation marks.

? Checking the Meta Tags is really important search engines pick the data only from the Meta tags. For making changes in the Meta tags <Meta name=”description” content=”this is meta description” />.

? Cross check the title of the website as much as times you can and change it if it has been placed wrong. For this you simply code <title>this Is My Website Title</title>.

? Sitemap is an important factor from the SEO quotient. So always submit the correct sitemap to the search engines.

? Provide a correct e-mail address and check it too.

? Mention the copyright statement carefully.

? Check your website’s compliance with W3C standards.

? Check your site for compatibility with cross browser and cross operating system.

? It is important to check the downtime of your site for better search engine results. Also make a check over the server speed too.

With all the above mentioned checks you will never commit any mistake while launching a website.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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