Find precise comparison of Bigcommerce Vs Shopify. We are going to highlight important factors that will help you track the best shopping cart for your online business growth.

Bigcommerce Vs Shopify
Making money is the primary mission of every business owner and to fulfill this challenging requirement, it is vital to drive maximum traffic. In this way, e-commerce store development opens multifarious success doors by offering lots of opportunities. However, the web is a pool, filled with a huge number of open-source eCommerce solutions, but these two are the most trusted & prominent names in this arena, are Shopify & Bigcommerce. So, it gets necessary for the online store owners to examine, which will suit your business in the best manner.

Bigcommerce Vs Shopify: Which You Should Opt For

Out of 100,000 active Shopify stores, 60,000 online stores are from Asia that are expected to hit around $1.5 billion this year. On the other hand, approx 50,000 Bigcommerce online stores run over the web. Debate on comparison of two popular platforms (Shopify & Bigcommerce) is still going on and there is no loser/winner, as both have different pros and cons. Let’s take a deep glance:


Shopify website development offers updated and really impressive themes that have been designed by the technically sound designers to give them an advanced and afresh look. These themes can help you make the online store appealing. Undoubtedly, these are beneficial from business point of view. There is one drawback that some of its themes are premium and their costs come under the range from $80 to $180. However, this is one-time investment, but it can be worthy in order to make the store look enticing. To keep the audience engaged for a longer time, this investment is the best deal to boost the visibility and sales.

Bigcommerce provides more than 100 themes free, but when you visit its official site to search these themes, then you will not find any of them. This is quite strange thing that it won’t show such free to use themes to their potential users. It has an updated collection of themes with 28 new mobile-friendly themes that lies in between the range from $120 to $250.

E-commerce Tools

Shopify consists of various advanced tools to operate & create an e-store, including product reviews, product recommendations and customer wish list, all that are contained in its App store. These paid tools also facilitate free trial period to test. One of the truly fruitful features of this shopping cart is Shopify Payments, which lets you stay away from separate payment gateways and offer own payment gateway to manage transactions in dashboard & save time. For Shopify tools, you have to buy an additional App to integrate it with site

Bigcommerce gives you a comprehensive collection of out-of-the-box tools, but they comes under monthly premium packages. In this way, you can get advanced tools with more value, which is really good. Bigcommerce is little advantageous, because it does not require external App to use its tools.


Shopify has an expert team to render 24/7 support to its users via email, phone or live chat. Since the inception, it continued to offer the best support without any trouble.

Bigcommerce does also not fall behind Shopify in this aspect, because it also provides round the clock support through standard mediums like live chat, phone call or email. Previously, it did not use to offer 24/7 support, but it has stepped up now with improvements and it is really fantastic for all its users.


Shopify is backed by hundreds of dedicated technical experts that are available only to handle the users’ queries. One significant thing about Shopify is that it lists out experts and provides the one, who is the closest to the user geographically. You can take advantage of this added convenience and even request to the expert to meet. Furthermore, if you request an expert to set up your online store from the scratch, then you have to pay a fixed cost ($500).

Bigcommerce is supported by less experts in comparison of Shopify. In case of getting a few basic set up services, their experts quote freely with own charges, which creates a confusion in selection of the best one.

Credibility of E-store Builders

Paying Customers: Paying customers refers to the satisfying customers and Shopify has over 1,00,000 paying customers, but Bigcommerce has 50,000+.

Quantity & Quality of Themes: Shopify is clearly a winner in the category of themes’ quality & quantity, because it offers over 100 premium & free themes that are updated, moderns and available to preview without sign up need. On the other hand, in 100+ Bigcommerce themes, most of the themes are outdated in spite of the latest paid & free themes, released in 2014, March.
Free Trial Period: Fixed trial period decided by Shopify is 14 days, but 15 days for Bigcommerce.

Which One is Better For Ultimate Online Business Growth, Bigcommerce or Shopify?

However, both of these platforms can help you build an innovative & profit generating online store, but if we consider some good reasons like experts & paying customers, then Shopify has strong base & popularity. We will recommend you to spend a few hours to take the free trial and play with both platforms to experience, which would be the best for your e-store.


With meticulous development solutions based on Shopify and Bigcommerce, we at CSSChopper have made a recognized position across the web development market. Our adept professionals do have in-depth technical capabilities as they remain updated with all the advancements & love to accept the clients challenging tasks to deliver top-notch solutions.

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