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To contribute our years’ of experience and in-depth skills, we at CSSChopper have taken a voluntary step with Pro Bono work. If you heard that this fruitful approach is for public good, then you are absolutely right as we have a become part of this public service with the development of various email templates, tools, WordPress themes and plugins. This is our free or reduced fee creative service for the web development community that gives us a warm & satisfying feeling.

Meet Your Essentials Through Our Pro Bono Services

Pro Bono Tools

We donate our creative web development skills in form of pro-bono tools that are available for the people all across the world. This new approach of helping people offers a real contentment to us. Here are the list of our pro bono tools:

Pro Bono Plugins

If you love to work for public without any return gift, then charity and donation is the perfect way, because it gives a feel of satisfaction. Our primary reason to become a pro bono volunteer is simple as we aim to keep our innate creativity beyond with the purpose of selling more widgets. We are offering pro bono plugins for the entire web development community. It is also an awesome way to rekindle the creative and technical spark. Let’s have a deep glance on our pro bono plugins that have been built with different platforms:

WordPress Powered Plugins

Plugins Built With Magento

Drupal Platform Based Plugins

Prestashop Plugins

Being a leading volunteer, CSSChopper has entered in the arena of volunteerism to help the people through web development community service. We are ready to do some nice work together with our development team and contribute our skills for public service.


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