Google’s recent announcement to have mobile-friendly websites is urging business owners to convert their non mobile-friendly websites into mobile-friendly. This indispensable update not only protects the online business from heavy penalty of Google, but also augments revenues by improving profits flawlessly.

Mobile-friendly Google Update

The latest update has been unveiled for small business companies, through which the non-mobile-friendly websites would not be able to produce optimal outcomes and search engine ranking on Google. The mobile-friendly pages will be preferred the most in searches. No matter whether you own a small business or a large one, site-friendly mobile devices will catch Google’s attention, rank at the top, and generate timely results. This is because the number of mobile device users is increasing day by day, and to provide them good viewing experience, it would be essential to own mobile-friendly web pages.

Google will introduce two new algorithms on 21st April 2015 to boost user experience for searching the content on diverse mobile platforms like tablets, smartphones, iPhones, etc.

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Search Results

With this update, mobile-friendly sites will get a higher search engine ranking while concealing non-mobile-friendly on Google. The plus advantage of this announcement is that all users will get an interactive viewing experience with relevant results across mobile devices. Undoubtedly, the ranking of the websites will fluctuate with significant mobile searches, and the ranking signals will be high for mobile-friendliness across the world in all languages.

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Indexed Apps

From 21 April of this year, a second change will also be applicable, called indexed apps. It will be added automatically in search results and enable the mobile users to sign in who have installed apps on their mobile devices. It will make content search prominently simpler and quicker for users on mobile devices.


Google will start taking mobile-accessible sites into account from 21 April’15 and providing priority for utmost search results. If your website is still not mobile-friendly, then what are you waiting for, turn it into mobile accessible site to maintain your prominence and sustain its maximum online visibility. Either you may go for the new mobile-friendly site or convert the current one into a responsive one so that you can protect your business from Google penalties.

To be acquainted with Google’s latest updates regarding responsive websites, contact CSSChopper, which is an eminent offshore company to convert the existing site into a responsive website. With an astute utilization of technical aspects & innovative skills, it gives a competitive edge to your business and fulfills your defined needs.


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