How to Build a customer centric Website?

Every site owner comes into World Wide Web with a day dream of a successfully running and highly customer centric website portal that bringing high traffic rate and positive ROI. Nobody wants an online portal with high bounce rate. In such a highly competitive online market, it is really very tough to hold back prospective visitors who might spend hours browsing your visually appealing website and turn in clients. Online visitors holds very significant importance for an owner of a web portal.

Is your website unable to restraint your instant loyal followers? How to make a customer centric website that could turn your online visitors into long term clients? Below, some important guidelines are discussed that a person should keep in mind to create a customer-centric website:

Never overwhelm your visitors : You should never overwhelm your visitors because this practice can become big turn outs of target audience. Therefore, one should always offer his prospective customers what ever they want to see in the web portal. On the other way around, you should go simple and clean web layout along with some white space, well organized tabs as well as sidebars.

Go for inverted pyramid: Every user come on a web portal to collect information within minimum period of time. So, it is advisable that one should always use old-style journalistic principle inverted pyramid along with new media of communication in order to bridge the gap between his target audience. According to inverted pyramid, most relevant and important content should be placed at top portion and less important information in the bottom.

Interactivity:In order to bring your increase online visitors you should connect with them. So, one should add more interactivity in his website through RSS feeds, twitter and facebook pages, stumbleupon, easily recognizable Social media icon and so on.

Easy-to-read: It is applicable particularly in text-heavy rich website. According to good rule of thumb, it is advisable to use at least 12 pt font size along with simple typeface and eye-soothing color combination.

So, simply consider all the above mentioned key guidelines in order to build a customer-centric web portal with visually appealing design.

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