Let’s Know the History of Search Engines

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Internet made its appearance in 1991 and within a short span of time; it became one of the most trusted source to search something. In Feb 1994, “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” Started. Then, this guide was renamed as Yahoo in April, 1994 as well Yahoo Directory came with a review service named “Business Express” at the charge of onetime fee of $199 in Feb, 1999. Looking at the increasing inclination of web users, Google was the first one that came with its personalized search in 2005. This search history experienced more updates when it started its partnership with Microsoft for using Bing search technology in 2010.


The broad history of search engines is not something that can be confined into words. Therefore, it would a better option to understand it inforgraphically:

Search Engine History Infographic

In coming years as well, the charm of search engines is bound to increase as these provide information, attract customers and always stay updated. From the past decade, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is stated as one of the fastest-changing and worth-rewarding activity on the web as it has enabled multiple online businesses to get flourished. Thus, it is the best option to hire a dedicated search engine optimizer in order to perform the best on the online platform.

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22 October 2012
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