A framework is a great tool in web development that solves many common challenges in developing web applications from scratch. If you are considering NodeJS development, then you can opt for a NodeJS framework to accomplish your project. Dozens of frameworks are available for NodeJS web development and you can use any of them to build perfect web applications.

Here are the top 10 Node.js frameworks for developing web applications


For many developers, Express.js is a primary choice and it is an eminent framework of Node.js. This framework is a popular means of web application development, due to its flexibility, speed, and minimalism. And, it comes with fast, dynamic, and adjustable features that you can utilize for creating web applications. This framework is quite useful in developing web applications as well as mobile applications.

Features of Express.js

  • It allows plotting both single and multi-pages.
  • It allows responding to HTTP requests by setting middlewares.
  • Express.js is composed of a set of routing libraries.
  • The framework is also available with a multiple-view support system.
  • It supports 14+ template engines.
  • It offers synchronicity and easy HTTP methods.


It is a feature-rich full-stack framework that simplifies web application development. Being a popular JavaScript, Socket.io is used widely for developing top-notch real-time web applications. It offers a straightforward and simple API that you can use with different services with complete harmony. Developers prefer this framework due to the speed and reliability it offers.

Features of Socket.io

  • Socket.io offers ultra speed by providing the same APIs for both client-side and server-side operations.
  • It offers bi-directional communication between the client and server thanks to its EventEmitters component.
  • It plays a significant role in Node.js development as it transforms WebSockets into more easy and reliable components.
  • Binary streaming is an essential feature.
  • It supports anomaly detection multiplexing, auto-correction, etc.

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It is a popular JavaScript framework that you can use to build top-of-the-line Node JS applications. It’s a full-stack framework that allows the creation of outstanding real-time web applications. Meteor.js is widely used for creating both web and mobile applications for different kinds of businesses.

Features of Meteor.js

  • It offers ideal performance due to the same API used for both client and server-side development.
  • It is a lightweight framework that comes with a few lines of code.
  • It allows developers to use the same code on different devices that make the implementation of regular updates easier.
  • Developers can utilize other platforms as they can be integrated with Vue.js, Cordova, Angular, React, and more.
  • It offers pre-written modules that developers can take advantage of to build the desired solutions.


It is another useful NodeJS framework that allows for creating robust web applications. It is an open-source framework that comes with excellent features. It is a fast, stable, and robust framework that supports arrays. Total.js offers complete flexibility that enables developers to create outstanding web solutions. The framework is useful for creating desktop and web-based solutions and can be used even for IoT application development.

Features of Total.js

  • It is compatible with different databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many front-end technologies like Angular, React, Ember, etc.
  • It offers modular architecture and has features like SMTP, image processing tools, etc.
  • Total.js gives you the ability to create responsive real-time applications.
  • Eshop is quite a useful version of Total.js that functions as a CMS for developers.
  • You don’t require the help of the Grunt module for compression.
  • It is embedded with the NoSQL database that makes it suitable for efficient web development.


Ember.js is one of the topmost JavaScript frameworks that you can utilize for Node JS development. This framework is widely utilized to create scalable enterprise-grade and single-page web applications. Ember.js is based on the Model-View-ViewModel.architecture. By using this framework, you can build robust web applications. It comes with a lot of features that offer developers ease of development.

Features of Ember.js

  • Ember.js comes with a command-line interface tool that enhances productivity.
  • It has a big user base with reputed companies including Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc, using it for varied web development projects.
  • It has a passionate community to support this framework.
  • It offers a simple way to work with APIs.
  • Developers can find a lot of resources and guidance to learn this framework through detailed documentation and community support.
  • It offers an inspector window for popular web browsers to edit code in real-time.
  • It supports two-way data binding.


Derby.js is another useful NodeJS framework that is open-source and is based on MVC architecture. Being a full-stack NodeJS web framework, it allows developers to work both client-side and server-side. It is thought of as an ideal tool for creating real-time collective applications. This framework can be used to build both web and mobile solutions.

Features of Derby.js

  • This framework makes it possible to develop multi-websites.
  • It has features like data sync with its data synchronization engine – Derby Racer.
  • The framework offers quick and real-time concurrency that allows multiple users to use some applications with different editing options.
  • It offers bi-directional scripting by allowing users to work on both client and server-side components.
  • Using this framework developers can add customized code and build tailored websites.


It is a very popular NodeJS web framework that comes with excellent features. Adonis.js is an MVC-based framework and it is recommended for scalable server-side applications. According to the official documents of Adonis.js, this framework can be run on all prominent operating systems. It offers secure development to developers for building web applications.

Features of Adonis.js

  • It offers a consistent ecosystem that enables developers to focus on needs,
  • This Node.js framework works with the ORM technique that allows developers to handle data conveniently that come from databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • As it has many standardized conventions, developers can follow them when facing trouble working with the applications built with this framework.
  • It is an easy framework for a beginner as it is enough to know Async programming, JavaScript, and NodeJS framework to work with it.

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Keystone.js is an open-source full-stack NodeJS web framework that comes with amazing features. It is a powerful web framework to develop database-driven web applications. It’s a flexible, extensible, and lightweight framework that makes it a reliable tool for developers to create the desired web solutions.

Features of Keystone.js

  • It offers an excellent Admin user interface that allows users to easily manage web applications.
  • It supports form processing, dynamic routes, and blocks for building a database, and more that makes it easy to develop dynamic web applications with this framework.
  • You can integrate the framework with prominent online platforms like Google Places, Mandrill, Embedly, etc to easily handle data.
  • Keystone.js offers process management in the development process irrespective of the platform being used like Windows, Linux, macOS, or else.
  • It supports other apps and frameworks including ASP.NET, WCF, CXF, and more.


Feather.js is a microservice and fast web framework which works in real-time and based on the REST API. This framework is developed on Express.js and it allows developing state-of-the-art isomorphic applications. Since it supports a flexible and compatible architecture, it allows developers to create any web application or utilize REST API.

Features of Feathers.js

  • Feathers.js supports ESMAScript6 that allows developers to use modern JavaScript features.
  • It combines different services and hooks to complete the varied functionalities of an application.
  • Developers share common functionalities on both clients and server-side as hooks run on both sides.
  • It makes communication between other third-party services and applications easier due to the support of REST API.
  • It offers unique and versatile service adapters.
  • It offers both relational and non-relational databases.
  • Feathers.js allows the integration of plugins for authentication purposes.


Restify.js is one of the eminent NodeJS frameworks that developers are using for a long time to build elegant solutions for REST APIs. The performance of the framework is modified to develop semantically right REST APIs. This framework is also widely utilized in other NodeJS development projects.

Features of Restify.js

  • It is exclusively built for creating scalable APIs.
  • This framework works in harmony with the response, HTTP actions, and cycle requests. This helps developers in monitoring the complete API framework.
  • Restify will be more useful if you are working with a platform that supports DTrace. This framework automatically supports DTrace.
  • Restify utilizes Socket.io to maintain real-time data.
  • It supports bi-directional communication which allows it to communicate with both client and server-side components.
  • It handles errors systematically and immediately.

Wrapping up

Web technologies that we use today are evolving rapidly with more options for creating web solutions. Frameworks are very useful tools in the web development field as these tools enable Hire web developer to create web solutions quickly, easily, and efficiently. If you are considering a NodeJS development service, then choosing a NodeJS framework can be a great help. There are lots of NodeJS frameworks that make choosing a single one a cumbersome job. It is recommended to choose a Node JS web framework according to your project requirements. Hence make a choice depending on the best fit for your project.

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