Magento eCommerce Development Trends in 2021

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Magento Ecommerce Development Trends in 2021

For the past few years, eCommerce development is highly in demand due to the innumerable benefits it provides to businesses. Consequently, it led to the emergence of varied eCommerce development platforms. Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms available today that offers excellent features and benefits. It is an ideal choice for many web developers to create robust eCommerce websites for their clients. Many businesses prefer custom Magento development over other eCommerce platforms because of its benefits.

The eCommerce industry is experiencing a widespread forward-looking shift as the new trends being assimilated in the development processes. Therefore the industry is changing rapidly with more advanced and latest features and tools. Magento is no exception to this change and there are lots of Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021 that are being used to build state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions. 

What is Magento and why choose it?

When it comes to developing an eCommerce website; the availability of tons of methodologies and technologies could make you perplexed. However, content management systems are commonly used technology to build various websites today. And, Magento is one of the leading content management systems which is specifically crafted for eCommerce development. You can hire Magento developer to create a custom website with the right features and functionalities that you need for your business. The following are some key reasons for choosing Magento.

Open-source platform

Magento Community Edition is a free and open-source eCommerce platform that anyone can use to build excellent websites. Being open-source, it gives complete control over the website and enables developers to create well-customized websites.

Made for eCommerce

Magento is a web development platform that is dedicated to creating eCommerce websites only. So, businesses can take advantage of its excellent features and benefits to build unrivaled eCommerce websites. 

High performance

You can rely on Magento for performance regarding query processing time, page load time, and other static or dynamic operations. It makes sure the optimum performance of your site while using limited server resources. 


Magento gives full control over your website. Developers can utilize the control over all the functions of this platform to build a custom website with extensive features. Developers can develop a unique and stunning website compatible with multiple devices. 

Ease of integration

Third-party integration is an important aspect of any website. Magento offers ease of integrating third-party services such as payment gateways, shipping, order, database, etc. It comes with many built-in tools. 

Magento eCommerce Development Trends in 2021

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Now let’s see the Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021 that you can utilize your project to build a superior website.

Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends 2021

With the rising customer demands and increasing online shopping, the eCommerce industry is evolving rapidly. The advent of new technologies is also impacting eCommerce development. With Magento, you can take advantage of the latest trends in website development to craft top-notch websites. The following are some top trends to take your Magento web development project to a new height. 

#1. AI and Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots have gained momentum in the eCommerce industry as they help businesses to deliver greater customer satisfaction. AI enables businesses to get an insight into custom behavior related to buying intent, buying tendency, product browsing, and more. Consequently, AI can offer a personalized shopping experience to customers. 

Similarly, Chatbots are also becoming popular among eCommerce businesses. AI-enabled Chatbots work like a smart system that can interact with customers on an eCommerce website and resolve their queries with appropriate answers or solutions. Both AI and Chatbots are essential trends in Magento web development. 

Chatbots are used on eCommerce websites to resolve customer queries expeditiously and offer a top-level customer experience. Since reaching out to a customer executive isn’t always feasible, these Chatbots work out to be effective tools for resolving customer issues. Many Chatbots work on voices and do like humans and many are just based on texts. 

#2 Voice Search

Voice Search has already had a significant impact on the eCommerce industry. Indeed, it has made an impressive contribution towards improving the shopping experience of customers in online stores. A recent TechCrunch report reveals that smart speaker users are expected to increase by 21% in 2021. Based on this data, it is apparent that integrating Voice Search into your Magento eCommerce website is fruitful for you. 

With the use of Voice Search, customers can take advantage of voice-based searches to find the desired products or information on a voice search-enabled device. Also, they can search for products or information without typing any word of text. Smart speakers and voice assistants are becoming commonplace, so voice search is rising. By optimizing your Magento eCommerce website for voice search, you can ensure great value for your business. 

#3. Magento PWA

The Progressive Web App (PWA) is an evolving concept and it is expected to bring a radical change in the use of web apps or mobile apps. It is one of the key Magento trends. You can opt for reliable Magento web development services to transform your Magento website into a PWA. A progressive web app is a kind of web app that looks and feels like a native desktop or mobile app. It is installable and works on different devices and platforms. 

With the use of PWAs, eCommerce businesses can facilitate customers with faster, easier, and lightweight options for their eCommerce app or program. A PWA makes an eCommerce store available to every kind of user no matter the device he/she uses. It can also work in poor internet connection. 

#4. AR/VR

Another important trend in Magento eCommerce development is the use of AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. These pieces of technologies take the eCommerce industry to the next level because they amplify the user experience. With the use of AR/VR technologies, developers can build online stores with virtual tours of retail stores. Customers can interact with products virtually as well as check out products in real-time. 

Being the new-age technologies, both AR and VR are quite helpful for eCommerce businesses. Customers can visualize products in their surroundings and make a choice easily thanks to AR/VR. You can choose a reliable Magento website development company to create an eCommerce website with enhanced AR/VR features. 

#5. Social Commerce

People spend a whopping amount of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. So, these platforms are the perfect places to showcase your products or services. Hence social media integration has become one of the rising trends in Magento eCommerce development. 

To stay ahead of the competition, you should consider social media integration with your eCommerce site. With the right Magento development services, you can take advantage of social commerce with your eCommerce website to maximize your revenues. 

#6. Live Streaming

It has emerged as a game-changer in the field of eCommerce since the pandemic hit the world. Magento has also started integrating this feature to offer a live broadcast on social networking platforms or websites. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled businesses to use this trend to interact with potential customers. Since audiovisuals can offer better clarity on businesses’ offerings, adding them to a Magento 2 website can help drive more traffic. 

The live streaming offer real-time interactions that offer higher customer satisfaction as customers’ queries are resolved promptly. It has changed the way businesses can interact with customers. 

Let’s wrap up!

Today, eCommerce is a rapidly evolving industry with a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. New trends in the eCommerce industry strengthen it and enable businesses to adopt new ideas. Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021 have brought more tools and options for eCommerce businesses. By adopting these latest trends, you can build a robust website for your business. You need to partner with a good Magento development company like CSSChopper to get a website with the latest trends. 



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