Today, PHP is considered a popular technology in web development as it covers more than 50% of websites on the web. However, there is a mixed opinion among the developer community about this technology. Some would prefer it as the premier technology for developing varied web solutions, but some developers may define it as mediocre, outdated, and crappy technology in web development.

All in all, there is a robust presence of PHP even in 2023. It is a trusted server-side scripting language for many developers. Entrepreneurs can find the best PHP development company to build exclusive web apps or websites for their businesses. Here we will discuss the top PHP web development trends in 2023.

What is PHP?

In essence, PHP is a server-side scripting language that stands for HyperText Preprocessor. It is a popular server-side language that is widely used for developing numerous web solutions ranging from a simple blogging website to a full-fledged eCommerce website. PHP can be embedded in HTML to build varied web applications and websites.

Top Benefits of PHP

PHP offers numerous benefits and features to developers who can build superior websites or web applications as per the requirements of their clients. Many reputed web applications or websites are using PHP as the underlying technology including Tumblr, Facebook, Slack, Wikipedia, and more. Choosing the right PHP website development company is key to developing a robust web solution for your business. The following are the top benefits of using PHP for your web development project.


PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that is available for free. It doesn’t require any license to utilize this technology. Also, developers can utilize it to the fullest due to its open-source nature.

Data Flexibility

The next important benefit of picking PHP for website development is that it supports numerous databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and more.

Affordable Technology

Since PHP is an open-source scripting language and is available for free, it is affordable for businesses as they don’t need to pay any license fee to use this language.

Smart Chatbots

For every enterprise whether big or small, customer service is an essential and integral part of its business. Providing smooth, hassle-free, and quick resolution to the issues of customers’ problems is important for many businesses. Conventional means of customer support such as phone calls or direct in-store visits are becoming obsolete in this fast-paced world because they are not only time-consuming but are also inaccessible for many people. Customers can interact with chatbots just like they interact with other humans for queries, information, resolving tech issues, receiving documents, and general guidance.

Chatbots are emerging as a leading and reliable method for businesses to resolve customer issues and answer their queries quickly and conveniently. PHP can play a major role in developing smart chatbots that can offer faster and easier ways of resolving customers’ queries. By taking advantage of PHP development services along with many other latest technologies, enterprises can build advanced and smart chatbots for their businesses.

Top PHP Web Development Trends

PHP is Crucial for Website Security

Cybersecurity is a menace to every website in the world today as the situation of cyber-attacks globally is alarming. These cyber-attacks cost millions of dollars around the world to organizations, individuals, and governments. According to data from Statista, it is estimated that the average cost of a data breach worldwide is 3.86m USD. Hence it should be your priority to take stringent measures to protect your site from all kinds of cyber threats.

With PHP development tools, you can integrate robust cybersecurity solutions to ensure fool-proof protection of your website against varied cyber threats. You can choose a perfect PHP framework like Laravel for your web application or website to harness its security features. Consequently, you can build highly secure web apps or websites. You need to take advantage of PHP web development services effectively to build secure solutions.

A more convenient and receptive user interface is a doorway to the success of a website. It is also a prominent PHP web development trend and websites are competing to be more user-centric. The UI (User Interface) of a website creates an impression on the visitors when they land on a website. A negative impression would tarnish the image of a brand. With the help of the right PHP web development services, you can build quality web apps or websites with a user-friendly look and feel.

So many PHP tools and frameworks are available to develop feature-rich and user-friendly web applications that offer seamless navigation. You can take advantage of any popular PHP framework like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, or Laravel PHP development to develop a website with a more user-oriented interface. Many PHP frameworks come with their own templating engine to create pleasing UIs.

PHP Cloud Integration

As per a report from TechCrunch, it has been estimated that the global cloud infrastructure market stands at $42 billion in revenue and it is increasing rapidly. It says a lot about the adoption of cloud technologies. It shows the businesses are investing in cloud services more. On the other side, PHP is a leading server-side scripting language that is used by almost 80% of websites on the web. PHP integration with the cloud is also becoming one of the emerging PHP web development trends. The combination of both of these technologies can provide astounding web solutions that fulfill the varied requirements of a business.

PHP integration with the cloud can help businesses to build scalable, flexible, and cost-effective web solutions. By using these technologies together, businesses can harness the potential of both technologies for the benefit of their web applications or websites. The coalition of these technologies brings tons of benefits for the business community.

PHP Web Development with IoT

IoT which stands for Internet of Things is a rapidly developing technology field that makes a well-connected suite of devices. PHP or HyperText Preprocessor being a dynamic web programming language is suitable to support IoT. PHP integration with IoT is a slowly emerging PHP web development trend that can get a pace in the near future. PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc are suitable for IoT implementation. By opting for the right PHP web application development services, you build robust IoT solutions that fulfill your organization’s requirements.

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Best PHP web development frameworks for developing varied web solutions

A lucrative benefit of PHP technology is the availability of varied PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and more. There are four renowned PHP frameworks in 2023 that are widely used for developing a wide range of web applications or websites. Here is the list of the top 4 PHP frameworks:


CakePHP has lots of useful components as well as an excellent set of libraries. As a modern PHP framework, it offers a rapid web application development process. It helps businesses to build feature-rich and specific websites with the easy process of web development.

Key features of CakePHP

  • Composer based installer
  • Support databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • Supports MVC architecture
  •  Scaffolding and code generation tools


CodeIgniter is a full suite of libraries, components, and tools that are used for developing unrivaled web solutions. It is an MVC-based PHP framework utilized for rapid web development. It offers ready-to-use libraries for connecting the databases as well as performing numerous operations including sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, and so on.

Key features of CodeIgniter

  • Form and data validation
  • Full-featured databases classes
  • MVC-based system
  • XSS filtering and security
  • Query builder database support
  • Email sending class
  • Session management

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It is one of the dominating PHP frameworks in the market today. Laravel lets developers focus on the core fundamentals of PHP server-side language. It allows developers to concentrate on the core fundamentals even with the benefit of rapid development and scaling of the project.

Key features of Laravel

  • Libraries and modules
  • Support for MVC architecture
  • Artisan system
  • ORM support
  • Database migration system

Zend Framework

Zend is an open-source PHP framework that is purely object-oriented and created around MVC architecture. It contains a collection of PHP packages that can be utilized for creating varied web applications.

Key features of Zend Framework

  • Simple cloud API
  • Advanced MVC implementation
  • Pure object-oriented framework
  • Data encryption
  • Session management
  • Flexible URI routing
  • RESTful API development
  • Supports databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

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Wrapping up!

PHP is a popular server-side language that is used for developing numerous web solutions whether it is an eCommerce site, blogging site, or web application. Developers utilize this language to create dynamic web pages. It is the first choice for many web developers while many developers prefer other server-side languages. A custom PHP development utilizes its features and benefits to develop unrivaled solutions for its clients. PHP frameworks are very popular for creating top-notch dynamic web solutions. Businesses can harness the potential of PHP to build user-centric and quality websites or web apps that meet their expectations.

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