Which eCommerce Platform you Should Select: Prestashop vs Shopify?

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Having an attractive online presence is critical for a business to flourish. These days every business owner is launching their website to promote their products and services on a global scale. This aids them to expand their business outreach and the customer base as well. The fondness for online marketing can be witnessed from this data that says, By the year 2021, worldwide retail eCommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion.

“eCommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake” Jean-Paul Ago CEO L’Oreal

So if you are planning for getting an online store then that is a profitable idea. There are plenty of tools available that can help you in creating a complex eCommerce store with fewer efforts. Two of the best options are PrestaShop and Shopify that can build functional sites faster. If you have doubts about which platform to choose for eCommerce web development, then this post will make your decision easier.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: A Brief Introduction

As PrestaShop is a self-hosted platform, you can install it on any server that you want. This will not make you tied to a particular web hosting provider. In addition to that, PrestaShop offers vast features that are needed for building a successful store online.

On the other hand, Shopify is a hosted platform. You have to get a subscription from Shopify for using it. Unlike PrestaShop, you can’t set up your store on any server that you like.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Usage Convenience

For many of us, it is challenging to set up our first eCommerce store. That’s why we prioritize those platforms which offer ease of use to the users. Both PrestaShop and Shopify website development is simple to use. Shopify comes with a drag-and-drop builder and an intuitive dashboard that makes it easier to get started with this platform.

PrestaShop is slightly more complicated than Shopify. It provides lots of options that you will find out after logging in to the dashboard. To set up PrestaShop, you have to invest more time as all the tasks have to be done manually.


PrestaShop vs Shopify: Customer Support

Out of all the available eCommerce platforms, Shopify is equipped with the best support teams. They are available 24*7 and offer assistance via mail, chat, or call. They are highly knowledgeable and resolve all your queries at the earliest.

PrestaShop eCommerce development provides quality customer support service to its users through chat, call, or mail. Not only that, but you will also notice a diverse user community that has created a large forum of problems/solutions that can be helpful in fixing your technical issues.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Theme Options

Themes are extremely useful in designing the look of a website. You can enhance the appeal of your store by choosing the theme that matches your brand. Shopify lacks behind in terms of the number of themes. It comes with 10 free starter templates and 50 premium themes to design a flawless website. All the themes are highly responsive and render a superb user experience across all devices.

With PrestaShop, you will get 4,000 themes (both free and paid). You can opt for whatever you want as per the platform, shop category, and style. You can build a theme from scratch, but you have to hire PrestaShop developer to do so.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Cost

Shopify offers users a cost-free solution by providing a 14-day free trial. After that, the monthly charges will be applied as per the plan that you choose. Apart from your monthly service fee, other costs for email, transaction fees, and design costs if you hire Shopify developer will also be included.

PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform that you can install and use free of cost. That means it is fully customizable and for that, you can hire Web developer to include any feature on your site that you want. You just have to pay for the hosting services.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Modules

To stand the functionality of a website, modules are of great use. These can be used for upgrading a web store, increasing traffic, and improving the customer shopping experience.

Shopify offers tools for an eCommerce business to extend its feature set but it is less in number when compared to PrestaShop. PrestaShop website development provides several modules that you can opt to enhance the features and functionality of your eCommerce store.

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Store Management

No matter whichever platform that you opt for, it should offer several options for managing the store efficiently. For instance, you will have to access multiple payment methods and shipping options, just to say the least.

When it is about the features, Shopify provides basic features that one would need to run an eCommerce store properly. Guess what? You will get this in a modest plan. However, it is important to understand that you have to pay for the plan in order to access its advanced functionality. With its basic plan, you will be able to list unlimited products and can maintain two staff accounts.

PrestaShop does not provide service tiers. After setting up this platform, you will access the full functionality with no hassle. You only have to pay for the hosting. With the help of its advanced features, you can add multiple discount facilities, coupon systems, and product suggestions to your website. 

PrestaShop vs Shopify: Security

When you have an eCommerce store, security is the topmost factor to consider. After all, you have to deal with the personal and financial information of the customers. If there is a security breach, then you will lose the customer’s trust and potential sales.

Shopify renders a uniform experience when it is about security. Irrespective of the plan that you select, your eCommerce store will be secured only if you adopt good practices like the use of a strong password.

PrestaShop is a highly secure platform. If you pick a quality hosting provider, then you will be safe. Not only this, but you will also get access to a large collection of add-ons as compared to Shopify, out of which many are security-related. This implies that you will get lots of tools for your store protection. If you are thinking of PrestaShop web development, then you can get a secure website developed.

Closing Notes

Before starting an eCommerce website development, it is important to choose the platform carefully. Shopify eCommerce development is best suited for small businesses while PrestaShop will serve better for mid and large-scale businesses.

If you want a flawless and visually catchy eCommerce website, then you should choose CSSChopper, a leading eCommerce development company. We have rich experience in building high-performance websites and developed eCommerce stores of varied business size- small, mid, large-scale. We have staffed skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have a good track record of completing projects within a set deadline.


24 February 2020
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