Links are just like a soul to the body (web page) for the search crawlers that can help in finding needle even from haystack (web). For this, having potential links are highly significant to rank a webpage and to grab the attention of the search engines, in order to acquire quality traffic. In short, we can say link building is one of the best SEO strategies for successful search engine ranking.

Link Building Strategies

Links work on the simple algorithm, i.e. the healthy links you have, higher the ranking is! But the veritable question arises here, what are the strategies helpful in attaining good links. Will the informative content can alone do the magic or you need to jump upon Promotion & Social media activities. Read the blog ahead, to know what can help you in growing links.

Link building experts say that choosing the right strategy is imperative to enhance the bottom line. For a specialist, it is important to dive into the client’s business to comprehend the market details to get to the right solution. What exactly the experts focus on:

  • Knowing business in-depth by doing industry research
  • Determining what matters to your business & how to make the business different at the same time
  • Then, defining the right strategy to line-up the business goals

Every possible strategy (through white hat techniques) that produces powerful links is implemented by the SEO experts. Beneath showcased are today’s top link building strategies employed to gain remarkable end-results.

Enlightening Information

Developing excellent content: Web content can be said as the robust base for any webpage, which is not only placed to interact with the target audiences but search crawlers too. Thereby the content needs to be informative focusing on the core areas for providing sheer useful content. As we know, the thing that is handy is often used. High-quality content is shared by tons of online readers/ users and therefore it stands for long periods in the highlight, like glossaries, tutorials etc.

Info-graphics: Infographics is graphical representations of data or information to grab the intricate information easily and quickly. Remember, the first time when you had a metro trip and used the metro route-map to find the way? Well that was also an Infographics to explain you the desired routes in a simple way. Representing the information in such type is quickly grasped by the audience in an entertaining way. Users do not feel monotonous, if the Infographics are designed in a visually appealing and enriched with healthy information. At the same time, you can acquire maximum shares that work as a powerful link building strategy.

Think out-of-the-box: Don’t be a follower each time, think out-of the-box by shaking up the norms, which is found contrary to the popular/ old custom. Take confident standpoint with proven approach and soon you will discover liking backs, responses, references and quoting on that respective source.

eBooks: What is the prime source of knowledge? Most of us would say books. Similarly ebooks do the same to visitors looking for online knowledge and information. They will read and download the ebooks (generally in PDF format). Once your ebooks are liked by the readers then you can ask them to subscribe you. Some others will like and support your links naturally.

Guest blogging: Invite guest authors to post for your blogs and vice-versa. This is a great way to earn quality links while multiplying the readership. The readers of your blog as well as from other end will approach the desired source of article and contributing maximum promotion.

Social Media & Promotion Activities

  • Get socially noticed: Getting social is highly crucial from business perspectives. All most every social media hubs give a platform to build posts while sharing the back link to your website. Utilize it earn to quality links, quality traffic over the source. This is reckoned as the best way to connect with the target audiences while generating good responses from search engine algorithms. Also the platforms like Facebook & Pinterest offer the best way to generate quality link building through the option of share buttons.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Viral Marketing campaigns: One of the highly competent technique of link building and brand awareness, through the means of spreading interactive viruses (images, Infographics, games, video-clips, ebooks, email messages and more). The Viral advertisement campaign uses pre-existing social platforms and similar technologies for ultimate awareness. Hence, natural way to gain abundance of shares.


In internet arena, links plays a great role in changing the outlook of the online presence. Right link building strategies are the key metric of a business. However, it takes patience, precise practice and proven expertise to experience successful end-results. CSSChopper is a seasoned SEO company to gain proven services with measurable solutions.

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