A Step-by-Step Guide for PSD to Drupal Conversion

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PSD to Drupal

Drupal is a popular open-source Content Management System (CMS). It offers a large number of features that are required for building flexible, secure, and scalable websites. Millions of people and organizations are using it to create and manage their websites efficiently. For a large number of developers, Drupal has emerged out as the top web development platform for developing a functional website speedily.

PSD to Drupal theme conversion is an effective option that can make your website stand out online. It is a quick and convenient process. You can appoint an expert developer who can handle this task smoothly. They are acquainted with the tips and tricks for building an impressive Drupal website.

There are lots of companies out there that will offer cost-effective and quality PSD to Drupal conversion service by utilizing scripting languages like HTML and CSS. CSSChopper is a leading service provider that specializes in creating dynamic, user-friendly, and high-performance Drupal websites. 

The process for converting PSD to Drupal can be explained in three different ways, let’s have a look at them:


 Use PhotoShop

  • PhotoShop is considered the top image editing software. You have to open your PSD file in the software.
  • After that, you need to slice the image into different layers. To start the slicing process, you have to choose the “Slicing tool” that will be available in the toolbar.
  • Save all the sliced images in a single folder. Always place the image folder with the themes’ folder.

Note: Try to keep the background transparent as this can make you change it easily whenever required. Make sure that slices should be adjacent to the object as this allows you to put them aptly. Save your file in RGB format instead of CYMK.


  • Work on HTML for coding the images and save down the page using the title- “home.html”.
  • Also, you need to build a new page “style.css” and include CSS within the same.
  • After that, you have to do the division so you can work on page design and specify the content positioning on your website.
  • The divisions should be done as .rightcontent, .aincontent, .topnav, .topcontent, and footerlogin.

Integration of Drupal Theme on HTML

  • First, you have to install the latest version of Drupal and convert HTML into Drupal.
  • Create new folders for the purpose of storing the themes file. You have to open that created theme folder at the instant with “page.tpl.php”.
  • Next, you have to save down the page.tpl.php against the tag and save the changes (that have been made) in the file.
  • You have to build a new theme directory and add the changes that you have done in the last step in “style.css”.

Once you are done with the conversion process, the intuitive interface of Drupal makes it easy to customize the content. Although the whole conversion process is simple, you have to develop a good understanding of the CMS. This will ensure the fact that everything will be executed properly. If you are not sure, then it is recommended to hire Drupal developer as they have the relevant experience and knowledge to carry out the conversion with perfection.

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Importance of PSD to Drupal Conversion

Multi-browser Compatibility

Today, there are several web browsers available, and with a Drupal conversion, you can make sure of multi-browser support. Drupal sites are fast to load and accessible through different browsers. This can give a boost to the traffic on a website.

Dynamic Web Pages

Creating dynamic web pages for a Drupal site is easy with this conversion process. Always remember the fact that online success depends on the quality and dynamic nature of a website.

Custom Web Development

Drupal offers various extensions that leverage developers to perform quality custom website development. With the help of these extensions, the developers can build a highly customizable website that meets the client’s needs.

Semantic & Clean Coding

Once you choose the right PSD to Drupal theme, clean coding can be achieved without any hassle. It makes the desktop understand the text faster. This thing contributes towards the flawless performance of site viewers. Due to the semantic coding, the search engine can easily find out the website.

Enhanced Visibility

Using this conversion is helpful in making a website accessible to the search engine crawlers that eventually make a website search-engine friendly. And, you will achieve higher rankings online. This will work in favor of enhancing your online visibility on the internet.

Improves Site’s Appearance

The remarkable thing about PSD to Drupal conversion is that it improves the appearance of the website so that more visitors will come to your site. Since there are lots of websites available, they will choose only those websites which will look catchy and have a professional design. This conversion process will help you in achieving this.

These are some main reasons for converting PSD to Drupal that you should be aware of very well.

Summing Up

So, we have read the three important steps that are involved in the PSD to Drupal conversion process and its various benefits. All the above-mentioned steps will help you to perform the conversion process faster and effectively. This is the best method for getting a feature-rich and responsive website for a business.

Now, if you are finding the best Drupal development company for your project, then you should connect with CSSChopper. We have staffed a talented team of Drupal developers who have rich experience in building sites for an array of verticals. Give us a call now!


26 February 2020
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