When you decide to create a website, you face tons of creative choices. However, you have to consider aspects like what information you want there, what feelings you want to create, how you want to present it, etc., to build a perfect website. Today, websites are operating in different ways pushing their creative boundaries and using the latest techs to convey your message. Design to code has become a crucial choice for many to build great websites. It is all about converting the design (PSD, Sketch, JPEG, Figma, PDF, etc.) into cross-browser-compatible, SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly code.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online and offline tools to help you visualize your website idea with a design along with a multitude of ideas and inspiration. You can opt for a suitable choice like PSD to WordPress service to create just the right website. Many believe that PSD to WordPress conversion is an ideal choice for a highly optimized website. However, you have abundant options to choose a befitting design to code process for your business.

What is Design to Code?

Design to code, also known as handoff, is the process of converting design files into code. However, design to code is an umbrella term for a wide range of processes. Examples of the design-to-code process include PSD to PrestaShop conversion, PSD to Joomla conversion, PSD to Drupal conversion, and more.

Every company or organization strives to get an edge over competitors. It becomes even more challenging in the online space where competition is very intense. So, your company needs a robust website to overcome challenges and be more competitive.

Luckily, with design to code, you can build a website that can help achieve an edge over the competitors. There are lots of options you have in this process, and you can unlock more potential by choosing the best experts.

What are the key design to HTML services?

As you have walked through an introduction of design to code, you must have understood the ins and outs of the process. It simply helps you convert your design (PSD, Figma, Zeplin, Sketch, etc.) into code. There are many services that come in design to code described as follows:

PSD to Bootstrap Responsive HTML

Bootstrap is one of the top front-end frameworks. Using Bootstrap in front-end development has become a trend. With a process like PSD to Bootstrap responsive HTML, developers can convert your PSD into a responsive and quality HTML code using the Bootstrap framework. Using Bootstrap, converting PSD into code becomes easy and quick while providing you with a responsive output that is compatible with different devices. You can choose this method to build a quality HTML template.

Figma to HTML Bootstrap

Figma is a professional designing tool available with excellent features and benefits. Figma to HTML conversion is another useful design-to-code service that enables you to convert your design into an HTML template. The conversion can be done using bare HTML, or a front-end framework like Bootstrap can be used for creating the template. Figma to Boostrap conversion enables you to build an engaging front-end for your website or web app.

Sketch to HTML

As one of the most popular vector graphics editor tools, Sketch is widely used for creative things. It is also used in designing UI/UX for websites and web apps. Sketch to HTML conversion is one of the key services in front-end development that offers numerous advantages. If you create a Sketch file for your website idea, you can get it converted into an HTML website by hiring a Sketch to HTML developer. The developer can convert the design into code complying with various standards like W3C, SEO, WCAG, etc. However, if you want the best quality conversion of your design into code, you need to choose the right web development partner for this.

Design to CMS

Another important front-end development service is design to CMS conversion. Some services like PSD to WordPress allow you to convert your design into a standards-compliant CMS website. You can have a PSD, Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, or any other design file, and a front-end developer can convert that into a website theme. There are many advantages of converting the design to CMS, including a dynamic website, ease of website management, robust backend, etc. There are many design-to-CMS conversion services like PSD to WordPress, PSD to Shopify, Sketch to WordPress, PSD to Drupal, etc.

Today’s competitive era demands high-quality and unique websites that can resonate well with your target audience. Creating a design for your website can be the best idea to move in the right direction. You can convert that design into code with the help of a professional service provider. The conversion should take place with the proper understanding of your needs. For instance, you may want to integrate additional functionalities on your website by conveying your needs to the developers.

Top Front-end Frameworks that You Can Use for Design to Code Project

When it comes to converting design (PSD, Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, etc) to code (primarily HTML), you can use various front-end frameworks for ease of conversion. These frameworks simplify front-end coding and speed up the development process.

Coding from scratch can be cumbersome and time-consuming as you have to build everything from the ground up. However, a framework provides prebuilt code templates and components that you can use for a faster and more streamlined development process.

Coding your PSD, Sketch, or other design to HTML/CSS requires you to adhere to W3C guidelines, make it responsive, and optimize for speed. With front-end frameworks, you can ensure your code meets all these requirements.

Check the top front-end frameworks below that you can use for design to code conversion:


You can choose Bootstrap if you want a comprehensive and easy framework that is free and open-source. It is a highly popular front-end framework used for quality and clean code. Bootstrap is widely used for creating responsive, fluid, and intuitive websites.

This framework saves plenty of time by removing the need to write a lot of CSS. It is a powerful, feature-rich, and extensible framework you can use to build engaging front-ends. The latest Bootstrap 5.2 version offers many benefits, including Sass for developing customizable and modular architecture.

It offers lots of reusable code that you can use to develop your website front-end while eliminating the repetitions.


It is one of the most popular front-end toolkits with attention-grabbing benefits. Tailwind CSS is suitable for developing fluid and interactive user interfaces. It comes with many useful CSS classes like pt-4, text-center, and flex, and it is a utility-first CSS framework. Tailwind provides ease of code creation and maintenance.

You need not create custom CSS, as utility classes can be used for the required effects and layouts. Tailwind CSS doesn’t have fully styled components such as navbars, buttons, dropdowns, etc; like other frameworks, it allows you to create custom components. You can easily custom reusable components that can be used on your website project.

Tailwind offers more control and flexibility over how your website will look on the web. You can create components and create the layout that best fits your requirements.

Zurb Foundation

It is also a popular front-end framework with many advantages. This framework offers a collection of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML along with design patterns that you can use for creating appealing websites.

It offers a responsive web development approach that allows you to create mobile-friendly code for your website. Zurb Foundation offers enough scope for customization to create a website with an attractive user interface.

Zurb Foundation is free and offers powerful HTML and CSS constructs. It also offers common elements, jQuery plugins, global CSS, and best web development practices. This framework is useful for creating user-centric and feature-rich front-ends.


Another useful framework that you can use in your design-to-code project is the Bulma front-end framework. It’s free and open-source that provides lots of ready-to-use components for creating your website front-end. You can use the components offered by this framework to build an engaging and responsive interface for your website.

Bulma CSS allows you to implement CSS efficiently on your web pages than implementing it plainly. You can get optimized code with this framework. It is gaining popularity. The framework is built on flexbox that allows Bulma code to adjust an element’s width to its parent.


Materialize CSS or Materialize is a front-end framework that is created upon Material Design. It is a popular framework used for creating fluid, responsive, and beautiful interfaces.

It’s a lightweight framework comprising elements like flow texts, animations, Sass mixins, parallax, ripple effects, hoverable objects, and more. With this framework, you can create web pages that offer a fluid viewing experience across devices.

Benefits of Choosing a Design to Code Company

Millions of websites are active today, making it difficult for businesses to launch a website that can grab visitors’ attention and boost conversion rates. So, every business needs to create a top-of-the-line solution in this highly competitive world, which is possible with the design-to-code process.

Moreover, you need to choose the right technology partner to get the most out of this process for your business. You can outsource your project to the company, and they will help you build a perfectly matching solution for your business. And, there are lots of benefits to choosing a design to code company.

So, how do you benefit from hiring a design-to-code company? Let’s explore it below.

Quality Coding

There is no doubt that when you approach professionals regarding your design to code process, you will get 100% quality work. And, good quality coding is essential to improve the performance of a website that results in more web traffic. So, it helps you to achieve your business goals. And, you will agree that quality coding is something that you can only expect from the experts.

That’s why the selection of a design-to-code company is beneficial for your business. Depending on the conversion process, you can easily find reliable tech experts for accomplishing your project. Like you can choose a PSD to WordPress expert to convert your Photoshop files to a WordPress theme. Similarly, you can choose an expert for any other design to code requirements.

Users’ behavior is changing a lot with more technological advancements and new trends. You need to ensure that your website is updated with the latest technologies and trends. It will help you to stay ahead of the competition. Failing to do so will result in adverse effects on your business. Your website will fail in attracting more visitors and providing the best user experience.

You can achieve a lot in this by getting a helping hand on it. And, this is what you can expect from a design to code company. They have professional developers with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and trends and help you create a website in the best way. These professionals help you to get your business exposure to the target audience. You can choose them for any design to code process like PSD to Drupal conversion.

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Cost-effective solutions

Any design to code company that you approach would have all the resources, technical expertise, and infrastructure to accomplish your project. It is not possible for a business to set up an internal team and gather all such resources because of high costs. So, you simply outsource your project to a design to code company and get your work done for an affordable price.

Using their resources and expertise, the company can build the right strategy and implement it successfully in the given time frame. For instance, a Sketch to HTML company helps you to convert Sketch to HTML code at affordable prices. There are many such companies, so you have options to choose one that fits well to your needs. You can also go through the Sketch to HTML guide to know everything about the process easily.

Importance of Design to Code for your Business

SEO-friendly markups

When discussing the advantages of design to code like PSD to HTML conversion, starting with the benefits like SEO-friendly markups is a good idea. Indeed, the design-to-code process is the best way to ensure an SEO-friendly website by adding code optimized for search engines.

Just like in the PSD to HTML process, your technology partner will create semantic code that will offer a search engine-friendly structure from the inside. Consequently, this will boost your website’s SEO, improving the site’s position in the SERPs.

When your website appears in the top position in the search results, you will have more web traffic. As a result, you can find more potential customers to sell your products or services.

W3C Validation

Another big advantage of design to code is W3C validation. W3C validation is used for establishing the credibility of a website in the marketplace as this type of website will be considered reliable and error-free. When you choose a design to code, you can be assured of W3C validation as your technology partner will indeed perform this task. It is essential to get a quality website with flawless functionalities and appearance. It will enhance business credibility.

Cross-browser Compatibility

It is an essential benefit of design to code that is the reason behind increasing demands for this service. It is possible for all types of design formats, so if you opt for even any other option besides PSD like Sketch to HTML conversion, you will have a cross-browser-compatible website.

With the design-to-code approach, your technology partner will ensure that your website is accessible from various browsers, including mobile browsers. Therefore, your website will be cross-browser compatible, making your business available to all types of people irrespective of the web browser they use.

Fast-loading speed

A fast-loading web page not only provides a pleasing user experience but also helps in boosting SEO. The higher performance of a web page will lead to a more elevated position in the search engine ranking pages. With the design-to-code process like PSD to WordPress theme conversion, unnecessary code is removed, leading to higher performance.

Further, your design-to-code company will perform various optimizations to ensure optimal performance of a web page. Also, smaller code will boost a web page’s speed. The developers will remove pointless divs, tables, and JavaScript code to keep the code smaller and lighter.

Uniform appearance

According to a report published on Google Marketing Platform: “Some people spend 70% of their time on mobile devices. And, mobile conversion rates are 47% of the levels achieved on desktops.”

Undeniably, the use of mobile devices has outpaced desktop usage. Considering this fact, no one can deny the importance of a mobile-friendly website for any business. And, this is another great benefit you can get with the design-to-code process. No matter if you choose PSD to HTML, convert PSD to WordPress, or opt for any other design-to-code method, you can rely on your technology partner to build a responsive website.

Professional developers create web pages that are cross-device compatible and deliver a uniform appearance across multiple devices.

Scalable and flexible website

With the design to code, you can get a very flexible website that you can customize as per your requirements. Also, scalability enables you to scale up your website easily when your business needs increase at any point in the future. So, with a design to code process like PSD to Joomla, you can build a scalable and flexible website.

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How does Design to Code help in Website Development?

There are many standard design-to-code processes, including PSD to WordPress, Sketch to HTML, etc. All these processes include converting a particular design file into code or integrating of the code with a web development platform. So, there is no surprise that this seems to be a suitable option for many entrepreneurs to build customized websites.

So, how is design to code beneficial in website development? Let’s find out.

The ultimate goal of any business is to get a unique website that can represent the brand more strongly and give a distinct identity in the market. When using off-the-shelf website themes/templates for your business website, it may fail its purpose because it remains one among the many copies of it. In short, these kinds of websites lack uniqueness because they are just one-size-fits-all kinds of solutions that come with little or no additional flavor.

Therefore, you will want to have more flexibility to build tailored solutions. But how?

The design-to-code process gives you more freedom to create what you want and lets you build a one-of-its-kind solution that can reflect your brand. Once you prepare the design files in any format, including PSD, Sketch, Figma, etc., you can simply hand them over to your technology partner to convert them into a perfect website. You can also create custom eCommerce websites with services like PSD to Shopify conversion, convert PSD to Magento, or other eCommerce platforms.

Want a Shopify eCommerce store? Read the Comprehensive Guide On PSD To Shopify Conversion for a customized Shopify store.

Here is what stats say on a website’s appearance?

“According to Stanford’s web credibility research, website appearance influences people’s judgment on website credibility. It says 75% of people judge a website based on its appearance.”

Undoubtedly, you can easily access tons of website themes/templates with web development platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. But customization is essential to get several benefits you can’t get with off-the-shelf solutions, including distinctive appearance.

The following are the pros of custom-built websites:

  • Custom websites give you the luxury of uniqueness as no other website will be closer to yours. And it is an essential trait for any business.
  • You benefit from easy adaptability with a customized website because it can fit your business requirements perfectly in terms of appearance and functionalities.
  • They are search engine friendly. However, you can optimize a pre-built theme also. But a custom-built website is SEO-friendly from scratch, and that’s its advantage. Your design to code company can build a website that search crawlers can read easily, boosting the SEO.
  • More scalability is another advantage of choosing the design to code processes like PSD to Magento, especially for eCommerce solutions. As your online business grows, you will have more customers triggering the need for scaling up your website. And, it is not painful with a custom website because of its higher scalability.

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Today, developing a website is no more pain but creating the right website is necessary to harness its advantages for your business. With different options for creating a tailor-made website for your organization, you can make the right choice to build a business site.

Hiring design to code developers is the most promising way to build the right website to fulfill your needs. Depending on your requirements, you can hire professionals for your project. Like you can hire HTML developer or a CMS developer based on your conversion needs.

How does the Design to Code Process Work?

With the staggering demand for website development, the need for tailor-made and state-of-the-art solutions is skyrocketing. Design to code is what many entrepreneurs can rely on for exclusive solutions. Moreover, with multiple ways of design to code, creating a top-notch website is very much possible.

Figma-to-code conversion is emerging as a trending way of design to code. You can read the complete Figma to code guide to find out how the process works. The following are the steps that a design to code company takes to accomplish the process.

Analyze Design

The process kickstarts with the analysis of the design files. Once you hand over your design files, be it Sketch, PSD, PDF, JPEG, or any other format, the first thing design-to-code experts will do is analyze the files. It helps to separate the static and non-static content in the design files and arrange them in layers for different sections.

Slice Design File

The next step is to slice the design files into different components to make way for a website that will be highly functional in nature. After completing the slicing process, a developer should be able to remove or add links, buttons, and other such functions to your website.

Create Directories

This step includes creating various directories for static and non-static content, like making a directory for all the images in the design files.

Write Code

You can check out the comprehensive PSD to HTML guide if you want to convert Photoshop documents to HTML. It is the final step in the design-to-code process where a website takes shape. The design files are coded in HTML markups. CSS and JavaScript are also used along with HTML. If you want to build a theme for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other CMS, your design to code helps to integrate HTML code into the desired CMS.

How Much does it Cost for Design to Code?

It isn’t easy to provide a precise estimate on how much it cost on design to code. This is because the cost varies depending on the requirements. Obviously, you will have some costs to bear when you hire design to code experts. But you will have the best quality work, and the cost will depend on many factors as follows:

Page count: The number of pages is a key factor in determining the cost. The higher the number of pages, the higher is the cost.

Expected turnaround time: The cost and turnaround time are inversely related. The cost can rise if the expected turnaround time is too low.

Add-on features: Do you want additional functionalities on your site? The cost will go up with every other functionality.

The Bottom Line

Websites are indispensable for any business to survive and ensure steady growth. Therefore, the demand for websites is steadily increasing. With the right approach, you can build a top-notch website for your business. With the design to code, you have more flexibility and freedom about creating and how you want to make it. You need to rely on a reputed technology partner. CSSChopper has been a trusted and award-winning technology partner for over a decade. We are a leading web development company.

We cater to clients with all kinds of design to code requirements to help them create befitting websites. Our design-to-code developers are highly experienced and can work on any challenging project. We can work with the least turnaround time and give you quality work. Our developers are conversant with the latest technologies, CMS, and other platforms. So, they can work proficiently to deliver the expected solutions. We deliver projects in the given time frame.

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