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A society advances not only culture and way – of – thinking, but also in technology and science. In other words, it’s more of the technology and science that influences the thinking of society. The challenges increase, and the competition increase. And that’s the current state at which our web – world is.

With cut throat competition, however, the ‘short cut’ scenario starts. Organic success takes a back step, and websites begin to take ‘quick’ steps to reach the top. You might defend yourself saying you don’t indulge in BlackHat SEO. But take a quick look – are the Black Hat practices so ingrained in our work that we don’t even realize them?

Is your site panelized for one such reason? Well, listed below are 6 points which could be reasons WHY your site is panelized and reasons that you should be aware and careful of.

1. Keyword Stuffing

This is an unethical way of getting the search engine ranking that you desire. Too many keywords or too many tags stuffed into content can be considered as poor work and lead to penalties on search engines.

2. Linking Velocity

If your site is honestly popular, it should have a regular traffic. But something like 300 links in 1 month and total silence for next two months can trigger alerts with the search engine crawlers.

More so, instant likes on page; same IP addresses making various comments on various networks; too many backlinks too quickly – these can all be problem cases and should be eliminated from your link building strategies.

3. Spamming

Spam is something that we don’t need to be introduced to. We know that any content which is irrelevant can be deemed as spam.

However, spamming can be of different types. For instance, link spamming. Too much of internal linking or too many links with the same anchor text can be categorized as spam. For effective SEO, this needs to be kept in mind.


Image Credit: Hegarty

4. Paid Linking

No. we aren’t talking about advertisements; we are talking about the Paid supporters. This is something like having a paid audience to receive a celebrity at your function because people are just not available to come themselves.

Paid linking is like bribing sites to link to you and to get endorsement. Purchasing links that lead to your website or selling of links in such a manner isn’t Whitehat SEO and hence, mustn’t be practiced.

5. Duplicate Content

Duplication of content is another very important factor. Stealing content from Wikipedia and filling up your site – even temporarily – can be a good idea to gain visibility and probably even a good Alexia ranking, but that’s really not something that’s going to help you in the race ahead.

While direct duplication is certainly incorrect, spinning of content is again something that is not very appreciated. Spun content gives the perception of spamming to the reader and lack of originality doesn’t contribute to direct conversions.

6. Connecting to ‘Bad neighborhoods’

Links from your site going to websites considered as ‘bad neighborhoods’ and vice versa as well, gives a bad impression of your site to the spiders crawling your content for search engine indexing. Linking to websites that offer pills, drugs, porn or casinos can heavily damage your web reputation with even possible bans. Websites that encourage such detrimental activities are not appreciated in real and neither virtual space.

As discussed above, these 6 points could be the primary cause for you ‘shortcut’ to success, but also the reasons for you ‘swift’ penalty. At the end of the day, walking fast is not the problem – the problem is – not taking care of the rules!

 Posted By: CSSChopper Team

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