After nearly three years of development, the long-awaited latest version of Drupal – Drupal 7 has been released officially and available for download. Thereafter the Drupal 7 Beta released, a PHP based content management system Drupal has steadily climbed the popularity charts. Drupal 7 is believed to be the best in terms of usability and functionality in comparison to its predecessor, Drupal 6, Drupal 5. In fact, Drupal version 7 marks an important milestone for Drupal due to its great improvements and interoperability. There is also improvement in PSD to Drupal conversion services due to this new version of the CMS.

The latest version of Drupal has been powered with a set of great features and functionality. Drupal 7 comes with great front-end improvements which make this open-source CMS much easier to use when it comes to building highly accessible websites.With Version 7 of open-source CMS Drupal, now it’s really easy for thousands of Drupal developers to integrate, customize, and implement complex designs into Drupal theme/ templates. You can say Drupal 7 as a real CMS after its successful versions Drupal 6.20, Drupal 5 which allows you to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Developers can convert PSD to Drupal theme to create more potent solutions with Drupal 7.

What’s new coming in Drupal 7

PSD to Drupal 7 Conversion

The latest version 7 of the open-source content management system Drupal has been powered by new features and functionality. Below, we have put together advanced features of Drupal 7 to showcase what’s new coming in the 7th version of Drupal. These features will improve our method of converting the custom design to Drupal. 

Administrative links to edit existing page elements
? Dashboard
? contextual links
? Multi-level menu system
? Build-in image adding  feature
? Generate different versions for thumbnails
? Private file handling
? Much easier to install
? Windows Live ID Module
? Better visual presentation and theming with Render API
? Drupal 7 comes with new useful Toolbar and Shortcut bar
? Improved user-interface
? Automated code testing
? Improved database support
? Silverlight Pivot viewer Module
? Better distribution support
? Data Storage in  SQL, NoSQL or use remote storage.
? Support for WYSIWYG editors
? RDF support
? Bing Maps Module
? Image support
? OData Module

Quick Glance at the Foremost Advantages of Drupal 7 that will make PSD to Drupal Development more Effective

? Easy to administer
? Language aware searches are supported
? Drupal 7 runs natively on mySQL
? More user friendly and efficient
? Easy to set-up
? Secure Password System
? Secured log-in system
? Modules can be updated via the web
? Multisite installations support
Easy to install

In the web development industry, the majority of  PSD to Drupal conversion providers afraid and concerned about the importance of PSD-to-Drupal services. Will the PSD to Drupal services lose their importance or enjoy the same in the era of Drupal 7? We believe that the role of Drupal developers will increase for PSD to Drupal theme conversion in the era of Drupal 7. The reason is simple – Drupal 7 is the advanced version of Drupal CMS loaded with a new set of features and modules. However, PSD to Drupal services will not remain the same in the era of Drupal 7 because the 7th version of Drupal – Drupal 7 will strengthen his role even more.

It is quite clear that the advanced version of Drupal 7 will strongly influence the PSD To HTML services and Drupal developer need to pay more attention to new development Content Management System Drupal 7 to build fully functional and accessible web portals powered by the Drupal. Transforming PSD to Drupal theme will require greater attention and involvement. 

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