Conversion rates are the most precious thing for the website owners of today’s era. Therefore, they can boost revenue by generating improved conversion rates. Plenty of SEO services exist in the market. Moreover, it becomes confusing for businesses to pick the right one. For this, they somehow put user experience on stake. The solution lies within the Magento 2 extensions. These extensions can appear as a robust asset to provide you better conversions than earlier.

Magento 2 Extensions

Thanks to Magento 2 as it supports numerous sales-generating extensions available. It is a block of PHP code. You can add it to the Magento to spread custom features in every area of your web store. It includes front and back-end, marketing tools, themes and integration with other web services.

You can make your site more productive with Magento 2 extensions. The best part is, you will get additional features and extended CMS functionality by adding specific extensions. With this functionality, you are able to manage the store in the way you want.

1. Magento 2 Mega Menu

It is the must-have for those who love Magento from the heart. This great extensions gives an intuitive interface with drag and drop features. You have the flexibility to add:

  • an off-campus menu,
  • professional vertical menu,
  • and horizontal menu.

Mega menu extension allows a different kind of display for the main menu with multiple options to find out which elements to keep in the main navigation.

2. Magento 2 Image Slider Extension

Image sliders seems wonderful when it comes to designing the Magento 2 store. For that reason, they give interactive and appealing results when placed in a proper place at the right point of time. So, if you want similar results, Magento 2 image slider extension is the right choice.

It is an elegant and responsive image slider. This gives immense support to the editor for the insertion of content including text, image, and video.

Moreover, it comes packed with OWL Carousel which enables its easy display at any position while the user is picking compatible CMS and Widget. You will get support for about 10 slides with tons of animation.

3. Improved Layered Navigation Extension

This extension for Magento 2 makes it easier for customers to look out their desired results. You will have the perfect SEO structure of your eCommerce website. Further, it simplifies effort for Google to identify what your website is all about. Doing the same will reward you in the search engine results.

Moreover, you can get an improved customer experience through a faster and better-organized search along with easy navigation at your web store.

It is exciting that there will be no page reloads when the user chooses a filter. Rather, you can implement AJAX technology here to showcase the matching selection.


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4. Product Labels for Magento 2

It is a useful way to improve your conversion rate. This displays multiple labels on the products when customers view them within their specific category page. As a result, you can notice attention to a set of products that you want to emphasize for their expanded sale.

Here, there is an automated system to showcase labels on the products by working on product attributes.

5. Quick View

It allows customers to access the product details and configure products from the recent page without the need to have a fresh page. Adding to this, it is compatible with any Magento theme and all the mobile devices.

In simple words, it inserts quick view functionality feature within any button, image, product widget and even a product from a category listing page. It allows you to add products to the cart without leaving the current page.

6. Magento 2 Improved Sorting

This extension allows customers to sort the products in a different and interactive way. You will get plenty of sorting options with this extension for your Magento 2 based web store.

These can be, to sort by:

  • date
  • product views
  • quantity
  • sales
  • rating

With this extension, there is a wide scope of new discovery options for the customers about the products. Therefore, It is a necessity for the web owners to improve the conversion rate of their web store.

7. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete Extension

Auto-search function will work fine if you have a wide list of products to sell through your online shop. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete extensions assists the customers to explore products on your site.

This responsive and feature-rich extension provides suggestions while typing, relevant product results and exact keyword match.

8. Magento 2 Testimonial

Magento 2 Testimonial is a smart extension to collect and display your testimonials in a precise way at your Magento store. With this Magento 2 extension, your customers can write reviews for your products and service offerings.

This can inspire new visitors to purchase your products and boost your sales. And the best part is, it is easy to install and configure on your website.


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9. Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension

For an online store, it is necessary to sale products at a faster rate. It needs to provide genuine choice to the customers. With Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension, it is a plus point to give relief to the users about different aspects. These aspects are product tracking, departure and arrival of the product at the destination.

Using this extension, users will be redirected to the tracking page without sign in. With this, they can keep track of the order in real-time through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

10. Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat extension allows creating a fresh customer support channel. Here, a live Facebook chat widget appears as a pop-up at the corner of your home page. Shoppers can send messages to the Facebook page for instant support. And, you can reply to them right from your Messenger mobile app.

With this extension, you can serve better services to the customers in less effort. Even more, you can integrate it into your Facebook messenger without any hassle of admin support.

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Summary On a Whole

If you are in the web world, it is necessary to remain updated and secure. The reason is quite obvious. You are prone to vulnerabilities. It is because your rivalries look for just a single mistake to put you down and take away your place. No one can genuinely afford to encounter this situation. Hence, it becomes essential to use the latest Magento 2 extensions as listed in our post. This will help improve your conversions and in turn give you aspired growth.

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