The soaring popularity of Magento has secured the future of this platform and now it has become a tough competitor for other e-commerce platforms by owning 25% market share. The expected worldwide revenues generated by this platform in e-commerce industry, especially B2C e-commerce will touch a figure of approximately 1.92 trillion USD for the succeeded year, which clearly defines the soaring eminence of this powerful platform. It is above 80% projected increase in the past couple of years, so if you have never used it for your online business till now, then you are faraway from something big. This is why, custom Magento web development is effective these days to get developed tailor-made online store.

Magento Best Choice of E-commerce Industry

The Worldwide Soaring Graph of B2C E-commerce Sales in USD (from 2012 to 2018)B2C E-commerce SalesE-commerce Platforms’ Market Share Graph At Your Glance

Let’s get acquainted with the global market shares of different e-commerce platforms and you will see why the stability figure of Magento is comparatively better than others with respect to eCommerce website development.

E-commerce Platforms’ Market Share Graph

One common mistake made generally by the people is; they think all e-commerce platforms fit all, but it is not actually true. So, always keep in mind that popularity does not every time mean you are going with the perfect platform for your online business.

Pivotal Things To Consider While Moving with An eCommerce Platform:

Category of Platforms

Here we categorize such platforms in 2 sections:

  • Hosted (Shopify, BigCommerce)
    Hosted means your e-store will be hosted by the platform. In other words, the platform saves your store on its server to provide you an ease of accessing your own online store on the web.
  • Self-hosted (wooCommerce & Magento)
    Self-hosted means the platforms will offer you complete control to manage your store with software online, but you have to buy the web hosting for your store on your own.

Business Size

Depending upon your business size, you can choose an ideal platform. For example: hosted platform like BigCommerce & Shopify comprise the fastest set up and simple interface that make it first choice of small to medium sized e-businesses, whereas the advanced features and awesome customization make the Magento the most suitable choice for large enterprises.

Does Your Online Store Require Customization?

If the business you run online has complex requirements to accomplish, then it would be advisable to go with those that provide you utmost customizable options. wooCommerce & Magento both are fully customized yet open source platforms while Shopify contains only inbuilt features along with limited customization.

Magento – An Open Source Leader

The rising stars of Magento secure its competitive position in the drastically clashing e-commerce industry and make it the powerful solution to meet all the possible needs effectively.

Here Is The List of 6 Recognized Magento Powered Websites

lens kart Pepper fry
dealsandyou fabulloso

Find more online stores/websites based on Magento, go through this link.

As per the global study, Magento CE (Community Edition) has taken an unbeatable step in terms of its growth and is now acknowledged as the #1 e-commerce platform. Its nearest competitor named wooCommerce owns 20.8% market share, whereas PrestaShop 9.5%, Shopify 7.6% and Magento EE 4.4% market share worldwide.

E-commerce Platforms Popularity

Is Magento Really A Fair Option for E-store Development?

Yes, this e-commerce platform is undoubtedly the best solution for appealing online store development. However, its competitor platforms are packed with APIs and also allow multiple plugins to be used, but none of them provides customization like Magento. Magento web development services play an important role in helping developers create eye appealing, functionally powerful and customized stores that attract visitors and increase sales. It consists of scheduled actions, tremendous customizable designs and backend interface changes as these are essential for the specific enterprises’ workflow & their marketing strategies.

Magento Is Significant In Following:

  • Jewelry Online Store
  • Fashion Online Store
  • Apparel Online Store
  • Commercial Online Store
  • Retail Online Store

If you are associated with fashion industry as a retailer and looking for a feature-rich platform in order to create a fashion store, then the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Magento would be one of the significant ways. It has been specifically developed to fulfill the diverse fashion industry needs.

Magento Fashion

Wrap Up With Final Few Words

Having appreciable flexibility, Magento is little complex in comparison to other entry-level e-platforms. That’s why it needs technically sound developers for the web hosting and error-free coding. The great customization and a myriad of advanced features of this e-commerce platform allow you to develop unique store according to your priorities. You may avail the Magento web development or custom website development service from CSSChopper, which is leading in this industry with the eminence of 100% customer satisfaction. So, avail your customizable solution here within your budget with standard quality assurance.

Posted By: CSSChopper Team – Hire Experienced Magento Developer for all Magento Web Development Projects.

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