HTML5 is the latest in the offering from the most successful Internet language. It is being touted as the future of the Internet offering a great browsing experience to the users. One of the main reasons for its popularity lies in the fact that it has become websites become friendlier with the mobile platform. This is important as substantial users around the world access the Internet using smartphones and tablets. If you have a phone with a HTML5 compliant browser you can enrich your experience with the following mobile applications.

? YouTube – It is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites on the Internet. The mobile website uses HTML5 features such as the video tag. The new app reduces the page load and the buffering time of the videos. It comes with a more appealing interface and renders better quality video compared to the native applications.

? Canvas– A must have if you have got that ‘artist’ in you. This app allows you to create drawings and sketch ideas on your smartphone. It offers optimum performance over the Android and iOS platform. The drawing area gets automatically resized to fit your device screen giving you a worthwhile experience.

? Every Time Zone – For any avid traveller of for a businessman having operations around the world this is one of the most useful applications. It allows you to check time zones around the world. It works perfectly on the iPhone or iPad and is by far the best HTML5 application for checking for different time zones.

? GeoPlaces – With this application in your mobile you will never get lost! Geo Places is a location based search application which works on most mobile platforms in the world including iOS and Android. This allows you to search for landmarks, businesses and places in real-time.

? Meebo – Chatting has its own craze and if you want to turn your smartphone into a perfect chatting platform Meebo is the right application for you. It is a fully featured chat application which works similar to a native application. It supports Android, iOS and other platforms.

? Color Mail – Want to add some fun to the email that you send? This HTML5 application allows you to create a color styled email template. Once you have created the template it allows you to send colorful email to your friends. It comes pre-installed with plenty of templates in multiple categories.

? Penzu Mobile – This allows you to chronicle everyday happenings. This turns diary writing into a digital experience and makes it as much fun as is writing on a paper pad. The application is fast and allows one to share the writings with others via Internet.

? Grooveshark – This online music streaming application allows you to share and discover new music.The new application for HTML5 is a mark improvement over its previous version and loads faster. It however needs Flash element which is quite a setback for the iOS users.

? Checklist – An interactive to-do list makes your life easy and this HTML5 application allows you to create quick shopping list and runs a check on the items one by one. It also allows you to email the list of pending item to another person.

? Card Flip– The HTML5 game has been developed to test one’s memory and keeps people hooked on for hours. You need to flip the cards and match pairs of similar cards to win. You try beating your fastest time in the least number of turns.

These HTML5 applications make your smartphone into an awesome gadget. Apart from these there are thousands of other mobile applications which cater to your niche demands with your phone.

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