WordPress over other CMS platforms

There are various paid and open source content management system (CMS) platforms such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc., which are well used for publishing content on the World Wide Web successfully. Besides these well featured CMS, WordPress is one-of-its-kind incredibly popular state-of-published content management system also  known as a powerful blog publishing application has actually taken strong roots over the field of web development worldwide.

This hi-tech blogging platform is a wonderful application mostly preferred by numerous web developers for creating clean and well structured business websites. Now-a-days, WordPress – a great content management system (CMS) is considering an ideal solution for adding lots of interactivity in your corporate website. With the help of WordPress, you can actually improve overall online visibility of web portal over highly competitive World Wide Web.

There are many reasons due to which you consider WordPress much better than other CMS platforms for creating business website:

WordPress – highly interactive CMS

This most popular open source blog publishing application is a very interactive platform as here, your users can be in direct contact with you by simply leaving comments. In addition to that, your potential users can even post their feedbacks which mainly help you to overcome all those areas where you are lacking behind. Apart from that, with its feature of high level of interactivity updates posted by your visitors on business blogs spread online within seconds via various news aggregation websites. In other words, WordPress is the most suitable way through which you can directly interact with all your potential online visitors.

WordPress – free CMS

WordPress is a cost effective open source content management system which is free to use by general public means you can use this platform without paying any license fee. With the help of this free CMS, you can easily trim your business expenses upto some extent and hereby, invest the saved money in other important areas like web designing etc.

WordPress – Spam-free web software

The WordPress is considered one of the most ideal solution of Spam related problems among web developers and bloggers. It comes with built-in Spam filtering plug in – Automattic Kismet (Akismet). With the help of this Spam blocker plug in, you can filter link Spam automatically from Spam trackback pings and block unwanted comments without any hassle unlike other free Spam add-ons and settings which only let you to block junk comments on your website.

WordPress – easy to operate

Most widely used WordPress is very user-friendly in nature. You won’t believe but its so easy to use that your non-technical staff members can also use it and monitor the multi functional dashboard in order to manage regular updates occur in web portal.

WordPress – multipurpose CMS

WordPress is highly preferred by large fraction of web developer just because of its one good quality that is it can be used for solving multipurpose from development of website, blog, forum to entire community (based on similar platform). WordPress’s this one-of-its-kind unique features make it stand apart from the clutter of other CMS platforms. WordPress is one stop solution for all kinds of online business needs under one roof.

So, you can even recall WordPress as a multi-use content management system (CMS) which means by simply installing WordPress you can create static homepage accompanied with highly static pages or dynamic pages encompassed with drop down menus. In addition to that, you can even sell products as well as services on highly customized landing pages of a corporate web portal. On top of that, you can add image galleries and various social media options to your website with great ease in order to encourage the engagement of your potential customers.

WordPress – SEO friendly blog publishing application

“WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”, said by Matt Cutts, SEO expert of Google at WordCamp San Francisco 2009.

By using WordPress in order to create your corporate web portal, you get one golden opportunity in your hand of ranking your website on top positions in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. In other words, WordPress can help you in driving high rate of traffic towards your website and hereby, generating more profit for you.

WordPress – completely customizable

The WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform which is fully customizable means you can easily personalize your settings as per business requirement in following manner:


You get a complete authority to customize private/ public content setting means you have the right to decide what and how much available information need to be shared with whom over your corporate web portal. In other words, you can even categorize pages as per online visitors like private page caters current clients and public segments are open for everyone.

Content Scheduling:

It is the most significant option offered under WordPress customization to you. At WordPress based website, you can even manage time as per your priorities. By using scheduling feature you can easily create content  in advance and later schedule its posting as per your choice.

Categorizing and Tagging:

Now, you can even manage all your content and archieves of website by simply adding custom categories and tags. By this way, you can actually enhance the overall browsing experience for all your potential website visitors. The major benefit of grouping the content and achieve is just to offer entire information together to users whenever s/he click on your website.


We all know that managing photos as well as videos is not an easy task.  But, WordPress has made it much easier than ever. Now, uploading and embedding multimedia content without any graphics specialist is possible that too in fraction of seconds.

Plug ins and Widgets: Now-a-days, you can find out around 10,221 free plug ins which are ready for downloading and implementing at your WordPress based website. Apart from effective tools like SEO, affiliate marketing, contact forms, image galleries and more, you will be able to discover new plug in each day.

In fact, the WordPress is a fully fledged open source blog publishing application and content management system (CMS) which is packed with set of sophisticated features getting popular day-by-day among web developers for its qualities like simplicity and flexibility. On top of that, the availability of tons of plug-ins as well as themes. Are you becoming fan of WordPress? No wonders. Its so perfect.

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