To evaluate or measure a reference point against other things in terms of excellence there are several standards which are followed at social, political, economic, religious and technical ground.

So, to make internet an improved position, for both designers and customers, it is essential that both follow the Web standards. “Web standards are a general term for the formal standards and other technical specifications that define and describe aspects of the World Wide Web”.

When a web site or web page is described as complying with web standards, it usually means that the site or page has valid XHTML/HTML/CSS and java script, greater visibility in web searches and semantically correct code.


1.    Accessibility

•    It is increasing a web site’s effectiveness and visibility in web searches.

2.    Compatible with more browsers

•    Website will surf more and more browsers, other than Internet Explorer for Windows like

–    Windows : Opera, MSIE, Netscape Gecko,.
–    Mac: Netscape Gecko, MS-Tasman (IE/Mac), KHTML, Opera
–    Linux: KHTML, Netscape Gecko, Opera

3. Much easier to manage a site-wide look and feel

•    Using CSS to update style sheets and change the layout on all pages without updating.
•    Well-formed (valid) HTML code reduces quality assurance costs
—    Errors are spotted by W3C’s Validator

4.  Data is re-usable in long run

•    Using valid standards-compliant markup ensures that data will still be re-usable for a long time


By using standards today means reducing cost of developing and reaching a wider audience (wider compatibility with browsers, accessibility, better ranking in search engines).

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